What Are Your Heater Options?

October 10th, 2022

When the cold weather hits, are you going to be ready to keep your home comfortably warm? If you aren’t confident about the ability of your heater to keep up, or you are still trying to do battle using a space heater, then it is time for an upgrade.

First things first, you’ll need to be able to narrow down your options so you can more easily choose the next system for your heating installation in Brookfield, WI. We’ll help you learn what you need to know so you can make this choice with less worry.

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 3 Signs That You Have Leaky Ductwork

September 26th, 2022

A leak in your home’s plumbing can create a lot of trouble if it goes unaddressed. While a leak in your ductwork isn’t about to create water damage in your home, it can seriously harm your comfort level and indoor air quality.

While you won’t be able to find a duct leak on your own, it is possible to figure out if there is a leak that has developed in your duct system. Read on to find out about the signs that you have a leak in your ducts so that you can schedule duct sealing to deal with the problem head-on.

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Capital’s Helping You Lock In Prices NOW, As Inflation Keeps Soaring

September 12th, 2022

Your heat and air system is the heart of your home. If it is operating in “like new” condition, you and your family live in comfort year after year. But if it’s older and getting even more rickety by the day, it can break down on you at any moment. Then nobody’s happy.

At the same time, inflation is on the rise. Our inventory is unpredictable, and the future is uncertain. The only thing we know for sure is your cash will be worth less tomorrow than it is today. It’s unfortunate, but it is reality.

Here’s the problem: manufacturers have raised prices multiple times on equipment, materials, etc. since last year with another increase on the way, meaning higher prices for you. So, we want to try to be proactive and help our community now with a BIG offer before that happens.

Capital was founded on the principle of caring for people more than profits. Everyone that works here believes THAT is the most important value to uphold every single day we go to work for YOU. We put our heads together and came up with an offer that makes us proud. Now everyone around the office is saying “Lock It In!” That’s because we want to help YOU “lock in” prices right now on your HVAC system.

Here’s the deal. If you trade in your old Air Conditioner and have us install a brand new one for you:

  • We can save you up to almost $3,000 dollars in rebates and incentives
  • AND we’ll give you $400 Capital Cash!

But it gets even better…

If you buy a full system – AC and furnace – we will also give you a $500 Gas card to help you out even more in these trying times.

We wanted to make this offer a real no-brainer. Lock. It. In.

Lock in YOUR savings today! Click here to contact us.

A/C Buy Back only available for A/C units with an efficiency rating of  ≥14 SEER condenser models.

$500 Gas Card only available for full systems (furnace & A/C)  ≥14 SEER A/C &  ≥96% efficiency furnaces.

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Lock It In: Savings and Financing Plans for a New Furnace in Milwaukee

September 12th, 2022

We are headed into the heating season. If you’ve spent one year in this area, you know that the cold can arrive fast. That’s why it pays to make sure that you have a reliable heater.

If you have a furnace that’s getting on in years, or maybe one you’ve had some trouble with the past couple of heating seasons, now is the time to consider upgrading. We understand if the idea of the cost of that new system may be worrisome, but we can help make it easier.

You can trust our team for your upgrade and even help you select good financing options for heaters in Milwaukee such as the 0% interest options available through our Lock It In promotion!

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Why Consider Duct Cleaning?

August 15th, 2022

You never really want to dwell on the idea of what is hiding inside of your drain pipes. That is until your drains start to slow things down. The same idea applies to your ductwork.

You really shouldn’t have to worry about what kind of debris is collecting in your ductwork but eventually, you will need duct cleaning in Milwaukee to address anything that is hindering your comfort.

Duct cleaning isn’t a luxury service. However, it also isn’t something that you need to worry about constantly. We’ll explain everything you need to know about duct cleaning, such as when and why to schedule it.

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Schedule Heating Maintenance Today to Avoid Delays

August 1st, 2022

We know that things haven’t exactly been chilly lately, but fall is just around the corner. And with fall (and sometimes even before fall) comes a drop in temperature. So while the weather during the day may be warm for the moment, this means that now is actually the best time to get your heater maintenance in Milwaukee taken care of.

You might roll your eyes at this. You have time, yes, but getting this service done early can help you in multiple ways. Let’s discuss some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you schedule your heater tune-up today.

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Light Up Your Home With Our Help

July 18th, 2022

No one wants to have to use candles to provide light in their home. While this might be great for a little dinnertime ambiance, it isn’t a good long-term solution. That is why it is great that we live in an era when we can flip a switch and turn on the lights!

If you are looking to take your home’s lighting up a notch, our team can help. Not all lightbulbs are made equal and neither are the lighting systems that are in every home. It is worthwhile to work with expert electricians to improve your home’s lighting in Milwaukee, WI.

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Figuring Out the Best AC for Your Home

July 4th, 2022

You wouldn’t want to pay a large chunk of money for a system that never met your home’s needs. You work hard to earn those funds—you want to make sure they’re put to good use. That’s why it is good not to rush into getting an air conditioner installation in Milwaukee, WI. Getting the wrong system, or even having the right system installed incorrectly, can leave you without the comfort you need and out a lot of money.

We want to make sure you get your next air conditioner started right. We can do this by providing you with expert installation and helping you choose the best system for your home.

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Do You Need a New Thermostat?

June 20th, 2022

What would your air conditioner be without a good thermostat? Well, the truth is that you wouldn’t be able to use it at all! But what about if your thermostat is just faulty? While this is better than having no thermostat at all, it still certainly isn’t a good situation to be in.

If your thermostat is struggling, it is best to talk to a technician to have it repaired or replaced. The sooner you get full control of your indoor environment back, the better off everyone in your home will be! If you notice the following issues with your thermostat, it may be best to schedule an upgrade for your thermostat in Milwaukee, WI.

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How to Tell Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs

June 6th, 2022

As we get closer to the first day of summer, you may be starting to use your air conditioner more often. The warm weather is only going to get warmer, after all. So, what do you do if something already seems to be causing problems with your AC this early in the year?

Your best option is to reach out to a professional team like ours for an air conditioner repair in Milwaukee, WI. Our team cares about you and your home! That’s why we want to make sure you have access to the helpful services you need.

Read on to discover what the signs are that you need to schedule a repair for your AC system.

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