Whole-House Humidifiers In Milwaukee, WI

Can I Benefit From A Whole House Humidifier?

Dry air in your home can cause quite a few comfort problems for you, such as dry eyes and skin…yuck! But the solution is simple…if you’re tired of suffering from dry air at home, Capital Heating & Cooling can install a whole-house humidifier that brings you the comfortable air you want. Our experienced and certified team is ready to help restore the proper, comfortable amount of humidity so you and your family can relax easier in your Milwaukee, WI, Waukesha, WI or Franklin, WI area home!

Signs Your Air Is Dry

  • Dry hair
  • Dry Skin
  • Chapped lips
  • Repeated nosebleeds
  • Creaky hardwood floors

What Does A Humidifier Do Exactly?

As you run your home’s heating system in the colder Wisconsin months to keep warm and cozy, the air in your home will naturally become drier and will try to pull moisture from anywhere it can. This can negatively impact your body and comfort. A whole-house humidifier, plainly speaking, adds the proper amount of humidity back to your air. This way you can actually enjoy your home without the annoying dry air side effects! Dry air can also be a result of an oversized AC unit removing too much moisture from the air, but a whole house humidifier can also help in that case too!

Can A Humidifier Reduce My Energy Costs?

When homes are at about 30-40% humidity, a generally desirable range, body heat is retained more easily, meaning you can feel warmer in lower temperatures. That means you can use less heating energy while still staying cozy. Less energy usage can mean smaller energy bills! 

We Work With Your Comfort In Mind!

At Capital Heating & Cooling, our technicians work to bring you only the best in indoor air quality services, so you can rest easy when you choose us for humidifier installation! With us, you’ll enjoy:

  • A highly-trained team
  • Competitive pricing
  • 24/7 availability

Call (262) 735-5548 today for a humidifier that will make uncomfortable, dry air in your home a thing of the past!