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“Indoor air quality” is just a fancy term for “the air you breathe”. You don’t often think about it as a critical aspect of your home comfort, but it is. And it has a direct impact on your health.

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Capital’s Air Quality Audit

Because Capital believes you deserve to breathe clean, healthy air, we go WAY beyond the standard air quality test. We use a state-of-the-art computational device we call "The Detecto-rator" which scans your home’s air with multiple sensors. It detects and measures anything that could be harmful to you and your family.

  • Particulates
  • Chemicals
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Humidity Levels

The Detectorator determines exactly what you’re breathing in your home all day and all night while you’re sleeping with your mouth open.

Side note for the science geeks: the Detectorator measures micrograms per cubic meter in your home’s atmosphere, runs the data through an advanced computation process, and kicks back readings in parts per million.


You probably have noticed by now that Capital hates particulates. Bacteria particulates, virus particulates, dust, dirt and pollen particulates. They cause asthma and allergy symptoms and hurt your eyes and irritate your nasal passages. If you are a particulate – we are your sworn enemy. And the Detectorator is our best friend.


The Detectorator also measures chemicals which exacerbate those same problems. Nobody wants to breathe chemicals.

High levels of chemicals in your air can cause nausea and headaches, and at very high levels they can affect normally healthy adults by overworking the liver and kidneys. This is profoundly concerning for elderly folks and pregnant women.

Carbon Dioxide

It also detects carbon dioxide which leads to what the EPA calls "sick building syndrome". Common symptoms of too much carbon dioxide in your air include fatigue, headaches, breathing difficulties, nausea, strained eyes and itchy skin.

Carbon Monoxide

Often called "the silent killer", carbon monoxide levels should be lower than six parts per million. Anything above 25 parts per million is a major problem. The Detectorator ensures you and your family stay safe from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Humidity Levels

The Detectorator even gauges the relative humidity in your home, because your respiratory paths become irritated and prone to infection when air is too dry. The flipside of that coin is when air is too moist shuts down perspiration which is the body’s natural cooling system. Too much moisture can also cause mold, and nobody wants to breathe mold into their lungs.

Here’s the Best Part

Running the Detectorator costs $125 bucks each time, but when you get a Capital Beyondification, we insist on firing it up for FREE to make sure you know what’s going on with your home’s air.

Contact us for ANY of your air quality needs in Milwaukee, WI and surrounding areas. Even if you only have a question, we love talking about the air you breathe!

Life-Bettering System Installations

Even a small improvement in your home’s air quality makes a BIG difference. We’ve got the best HVAC technicians in the state. They’ll give you choices and help you determine what will most improve your life:

Air Improvement System Repair

There’s no home air quality system on earth that Capital technicians can’t fix. We live and breathe air purification, and yes, that pun was intended.

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