Generator Repair Services In Southeast Wisconsin

24/7 Emergency Generator Repairs Available!

If your generator is down, you want it repaired fast! Luckily Capital Heating & Cooling offers 24/7 emergency generator repair services in Hartford, WI, Franklin, WI, Brookfield, WI and the surrounding areas. Losing power in an outage can be a nightmare…and if your generator is out of commission, you’ve lost your backup power supply for important home amenities like your refrigerator, lighting and HVAC. That is not a fun situation to be in! But don’t worry, our qualified team can have your generator back up and running quickly. We can repair whole-home standby generators as well as portable generators.

Signs You May Need A Generator Repair:

It’s great to be aware of the state of your generator. Paying attention to it can help uncover small problems before they become worse! That’s one of the reasons we recommend regular, professional generator maintenance. But if you notice any of these issues, go ahead and call a professional for repairs:

  • Leakage. If you notice liquid pooling beneath your generator, this needs to be tended to.
  • Alarm. If your generator self-tests, an alarm will go off indicating that there is an issue.
  • Delay In Starting Up Or Not Starting. This may mean your battery is dying or the engine might be drained.
  • Using Fuel Too Quickly. If you think your generator is using fuel more quickly than normal, a repair may be needed.

Why Choose Us For Generator Repairs?

The technicians at Capital Heating & Cooling have the experience to quickly repair your generator problems no matter how big or small. We can have your generator up and running again quickly so it’s properly prepared to bring you power in an inconvenient outage.

Call or text us today 414-316-3467 for expert, fast generator repairs. Don’t forget we offer 24/7 emergency services so we can help fix your generator when you need it most!

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