Generator Maintenance In Milwaukee, WI & Surrounding Areas

A Generator Tune-Up Helps You Avoid Surprise Failures!         

During a power outage, you rely on your generator for vital electricity for your family’s comfort and safety. But what if your generator suddenly fails due to an unseen issue? This could be quite an inconvenience during an outage! That’s why we recommend regular generator maintenance to ensure that everything is running properly and reliably so it will be ready to help you in power loss situation.

The Capital Heating & Cooling team provides tune-ups for generators in Milwaukee, WI, Franklin, WI, New Berlin, WI and the surrounding areas.

An Ounce Of Prevention Has Its Benefits

Simply stated, a tune-up reduces the chances of sudden failures…something you don’t want to happen when power actually goes out! When your generator is operating properly during a power outage, you can enjoy things like:

  • Heating and cooling
  • Unspoiled food
  • Children and pets being more at ease
  • Lighting for safety and navigation

What Happens During Generator Maintenance?

Our trained technicians will thoroughly inspect your generator for functionality. They’ll be able to find any small problems so solutions can be implemented before they become larger problems. Our team will look over elements of your generator such as:

  • Spark plugs
  • Oil filter
  • Motor oil
  • Battery
  • Fuel line
  • Starter motor
  • Air filter

A tune-up will also help your generator work more efficiently, which has its own benefits! An efficient generator means more bang for your buck in terms of fuel as well as reduced wear and tear. 

Our tune-up gives you the peace of mind that your generator will work reliably during an outage.

Trust Us For Generator Maintenance!

Don’t risk an unforeseen generator issue leaving you without electricity and waiting for repairs in an outage…contact us today!

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