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Author: laura | October 4, 2016

Everything You Need To Know About Air Conditioners

Understanding Your AC System

Summer is around the corner and it’s time to think about your air conditioning system. Do you need to remove the AC cover? Should you have it professionally inspected and tuned-up before you turn it on?  Perhaps it’s time to replace your cooling system with a newer, high-efficient HVAC system? We’ve got your answers!


How Does An Air Conditioning System Even Work?

The traditional, residential air conditioning system consists of:

1. A compressor and condenser, both located outside.

2. An evaporator coil, which is usually a part of your furnace inside.

3. A ductwork system.

These three, main components work together to move warm air from inside your home to flow over a cooled, indoor coil. Then, the cooled air is expedited through your ductwork system and delivers the cooled air to different areas inside your home. Holes, leaks or damage to your ductwork means that your freshly-cooled air is escaping…on your dime.


Is Air Conditioning Maintenance A Thing?

In order to keep your warranties active, most heating and cooling manufacturers require you to have an annual, AC tune-up performed. Proper maintenance of your AC unit extends the life of your equipment and reduces breakdowns, which are favorable for both the manufacturer and the homeowner. Additionally, yearly cleaning and adjustments from a qualified professional are critical in terms of your air conditioner’s performance. Proper maintenance means that your cooling system uses less energy to operate, which results in lower energy bills for you. Name a better duo…we’ll wait.


How Do I Prepare An AC Unit For Spring?

Your air conditioning system has been sitting stagnant for almost 9 months. Hopefully you’ve had the outdoor condenser unit cover on to avoid damage by the elements and animal urine. Spring is the ideal time to have a professional HVAC Company clean your AC and make adjustments to ensure it operates safely and efficiently all summer. 90% of HVAC repairs are due to lack of proper maintenance; the cost of AC maintenance is far less than the cost of an emergency air conditioner repair.


Can I Remove The AC Cover?

While you technically can remove the AC cover yourself, this should be included in your annual maintenance visit. The AC cover itself protects the outdoor condenser unit during fall, winter and spring from elements, debris, and even dog urine. Your local HVAC Company will remove the AC cover, clean it, store it if you choose, and replace it when summer is over.


Winterizing Your AC Is Just As Important

Preparing your air conditioning system for winter is just as important; if not shut down properly, it can result in damages over the long cold winter. Shutting down your AC system is recommended for a variety of reasons – including preventing your air conditioner from turning on accidentally during the winter, which could potentially cause water to get into the unit and freeze. A winter AC cover prevents the compressor from getting dirty and wet, which can cause it to rust; replacing an AC compressor is big bucks.


Should I Just Get A New Air Conditioner?

Residential air conditioning systems typically last 12-15 years before they begin breaking down and operating less efficiently on a regular basis. The lifetime of your air conditioning system depends on how well you’ve taken care of it over the years; proper maintenance can extend the life of your AC by 8-10 years. Some telltale signs that it’s time to upgrade to a new air conditioning system include: strange noises like banging or clanking, repairs are needed to major parts like the blower motor or condenser, energy bills are climbing regardless of how much you use your air, and frequent breakdowns. If you’re experiencing some or all of these signs, then it’s probably going to be more cost effective to replace your AC system.


Is A High Efficient AC System The Best Option?

When comparing features and costs if new air conditioning systems, efficiency is something you’ll want to consider. High efficient variable speed air conditioning equipment works smarter to manage the cooling needs of your home or facility compared to a single stage air conditioner. High efficient variable speed AC units automatically adjusts how hard it works based on your home or facility’s cooling needs. A single stage air conditioning system simply turns on and off using the same amount of power whether you need it or not. High efficient AC installation costs more than a single stage but you’ll save more money on your monthly energy bills, quickly recouping the cost difference.


There Are Different Types Of AC Systems?

Much like the 750 species of butterflies, most people don’t know that there is a variety of air conditioning systems in the world too. But, we’re here to tell you that there is! The following are different types of AC systems that are commonly found in commercial and residential buildings:

Forced Air

The forced air system is a conventional method that works with a duct system, furnace and outdoor condenser unit to operate. This is the most affordable air conditioner to install and replace, which makes it the most eligible bachelor…oh…ummm…we mean AC system.


Geothermal Cooling

For all our environmentally-friendly folks out there, the geothermal cooling system taps into the earth’s naturally-consistent temperature to cool a home or facility. This eco-friendly system is growing rapidly in popularity due to the lower maintenance costs, extended equipment lifespan, and reduced carbon footprint.



This type of equipment is perfect for spaces with no ductwork, such as new additions, attic offices and rec rooms. A ductless, cooling system can consist of one head or multiple heads zoned to customize your needs. The equipment itself is mounted high on an interior wall and is only a few feet in size, making it pretty discreet.


Professionals > Amateurs

Whether you’re looking for AC installation, air conditioning maintenance or a 24-hour HVAC repair contractor, Capital Heating & Cooling has you covered. For over a decade, we’ve provided reputable, commercial and residential heating and cooling services throughout southeastern Wisconsin. We were recently named the top HVAC Company in Waukesha, Milwaukee and Racine counties because of our quality work, guarantees and high level of customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment!


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