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Capital Guarantees

At Capital Heating, Cooling & Electric, we have a long list of guarantees because we believe in backing up our work. Here are a few guarantees that you can count on from us.

Your 100% unconditional satisfaction or your money-back guarantee

If you aren’t happy at any time for up to 24 months after we install your new air conditioner or furnace, then we will fix the problem.

A 5-year comfort guarantee

If we installed your HVAC system, then we guarantee that you’ll always have the most ideal temperature at home. If you don’t, we’ll fix it for up to 5 years after installation.

An exclusive lemon free guarantee

If we maintain your system annually, we’ll replace your entire unit or compressor within 5 years of the installation date. We’ll even replace your entire furnace if your heat exchanger fails within 10 years.

Lifetime installation component and craftsmanship guarantee

If we installed the system, then we own any issues regarding installation of any motor-bearing piece of equipment throughout its lifetime.

A best investment value guarantee

If you can find another licensed, drug-free, NATE-certified contractor with all our written guarantees to do the job you’re looking for for less than our quote, we’ll write you a check for the difference plus $500.

A warranty and rebate registration guarantee

Did you know that 40% of contractors never register the manufacturer warranty of the equipment they install? We will register your equipment and get you all the available rebates possible.

A lifetime ductwork guarantee

All the ductwork we install is guaranteed to perform or we’ll replace it for free.

A respect and installation workmanship guarantee

We show up, perform a great job, and do so with respect—guaranteed.

A property protection plus guarantee

One of our beliefs is that we should treat your home like it’s our mother’s home. This is why we have a guarantee.


We know how to respect your home. We will leave your home better than we found it or we promise to pay a professional cleaning service to clean things up.

"Worry free, peace of mind" guaranteed equipment operation

We want you to come to us and rest easy while we perform the work. We promise to provide exemplary service every time.

$100 same-day service promise

As long as your system is under warranty, we promise to serve you on the same day. If we don’t respond we’ll give you $100 for each day we don’t respond to your call.

$500 guaranteed installation date guarantee

Once you’ve selected a date for your installation, we promise to be there on this date by 10 a.m. or we’ll pay you $500.

$500 no worries 1st year operation guarantee

If your HVAC system that we installed breaks down or has failed to heat or cool your home within the first two years, we’ll fix it. Not only will we fix it, but we’ll do so for free within 24 hours and give you $100 for every day your system didn’t perform up to $500.

$500 not a day without comfort promise

If we’re not able to repair, replace, or provide temporary heating or cooling to your home the same day we begin the work, we’ll pay for you to stay in a hotel. On top of this, we’ll give you $500 for your inconvenience.

Lifetime "no overtime" service guarantee

If you’re a member of the Capital Cares Club, you’ll never pay an overtime fee.

Equipment size/type guarantee

We determine the correct size and type of your HVAC system because we’re the experts. If we don’t choose the right size or type, then we’ll replace it at no cost to you.

Provisional comfort guarantee

We strive to get your home immediate relief. This means we’ll provide you with heating or cooling no matter the system.

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