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Whole-House Generators in Milwaukee, WI

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It’s important to have a whole-house generator to protect your home against disaster. If you’re looking for reliable generator services in Milwaukee, WI, we’re the team that can provide them for you. The Capital Heating, Cooling & Electric professionals understand everything that goes into generator services. You can count on us because:

  • We treat your home like it’s our own mother’s.
  • We believe in being there for you in emergency situations 24/7.
  • We offer a $500 not a day without comfort guarantee.

We work on a variety of generators because we understand that every home is unique. This includes whole-house generators, portable generators, solar generators, and inverter generators. You can come to us for every service too. This includes generator maintenance, installation, replacement, and repair.

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Generator Installation

You can choose to have an automatic standby generator. This is a type of whole-house generator that powers up seamlessly the second your home loses electrical power from the grid. Kiss goodbye the days of bumping around in the dark looking for flashlights during an outage. We guarantee your safety and comfort with this type of generator.

Generator Replacement

If your backup generator can’t back you up anymore, then we believe that it’s time to replace it. We can help you find a new system that can do the job from a great brand. We’ll also provide you with excellent installation services.

Generator Repair

If your generator fails to power on when you need it, then it probably needs repair. This is when our professionals can perform the work. We have a "worry free, peace of mind" guarantee because we want you to rest easy. We’re sure to get the job done.

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