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What is a whole-house ventilation system and why would I need one in my Milwaukee, WI, area home?

Indoor air can oftentimes be far more polluted than the air outside! There is a multitude of contributing factors to poor indoor air quality, but one large factor is the actual makeup of your home itself. Since homes are sealed and enclosed, it’s harder for things like pollutants like to properly be flushed out, which means they’re basically trapped to circulate within your home’s air…and all that pollution can lead to negative health effects

A whole-house ventilation system will effectively reduce these unwanted pollutants and help your air feel fresher. The professionals at Capital Heating & Cooling can install the proper ventilation system for your home’s unique needs in Franklin, WI, New Berlin, WI, Milwaukee, WI and the surrounding areas.

Why Can’t I Just Open My Windows?

You can, but it will come at a price! Opening your windows can help freshen your air, but your heated or cooled air will be escaping and that can mean wasted money on energy costs!

Whole-House Ventilation Is The Effective Solution

A high-quality ventilation system from Capital brings you many benefits:

  • Better Indoor Air Quality. You’ll be enjoying cleaner air as the ventilator pulls out your stagnant, dirty indoor air and then replaces it with fresh air from outside. But don’t worry, the air coming from outdoors is also filtered so more pollutants won’t be added to your home’s air during the process.
  • Convenience. You can use different methods to freshen your home’s air, but these usually only work on a room-to-room basis. But the proper whole house ventilator will freshen up the air in your entire home, all while you go about your normal routine!
  • Energy Efficiency. A ventilator system prevents you from wasting energy by having to rely on opening windows for fresher air.

You can also enjoy an even more thorough positive impact on your home’s air when you simultaneously use your ventilation system with other powerful indoor air quality technologies like a UV light air purifier

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