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Author: laura | September 5, 2019

5 Warning Signs Your Furnace Needs Maintenance & Why You Shouldn’t Wait!

That weird smell and bang, bang, bangity, bang noise…look, we all know someone who (ah, hem…) who waits until their heating system has a major malfunction before they give furnace maintenance services a second thought.  So, while 90 minutes of tightening, lubricating and cleaning might sound like that questionable spa/dry cleaner downtown, it’s just what the doctor ordered if you notice these warning signs.

1. High Heating Bills are a Cry for Help

Look, you already know  heating a home isn’t free, but I bet you didn’t know it typically makes up about 42% of your utility bill. So, if you’re like most responsible homeowners, you’re always game to learn how to save money on heating bills.   Well, let us be the first, second, heck even the third to tell you that having your heating system cleaned and inspected by a licensed HVAC professional each year makes the biggest dent in your heating bills.  Simply put a dirty furnace costs more to operate than an otherwise clean furnace would.  If a climbing heat bill is on your radar, schedule your fall furnace tune-up now before more expensive warning signs pay your wallet a visit.

2. That Burnt Toast Smell Isn’t Normal

When your furnace is off for long periods of time, dust naturally collects inside the air ducts and on the heat exchanger.  When your heat is turned on for the first time, a slight burning odor typically is not cause for a major concern and should only last for a few hours.  However, if the burning smell persist you should do yourself a solid and call for a furnace tune-up.  Because, while it could be something as minor as a dirty filter, it could also be a serious problem like a broken electrical component in the furnace.

3. Banging or Knocking Noises

Properly working heating systems do not sound like a marching band; in fact, they’re supposed to be very quiet.  So if you loud rattling or banging noises when you turn your furnace on, something is definitely wrong.  While it could be something as simple as an old belt that needs to be replaced, it could also be a more serious warning sign coming from the blower motor.  Either way, these are warning signs that your furnace needs to be inspected and cleaned.

4. Your Furnace is Being a Real Pain in the…Wallet

Duct cleaning costs by Capital Heating & CoolingOver time, it’s only natural that furnace parts to get dirty, wear out, and need to be replaced.  However, assuming your heating system wasn’t installed during the dial up internet era, repairs shouldn’t be a regular thing.  If your dentist found a cavity, he’s likely ask when you had your teeth cleaned last right? Well, your furnace is no different and shelling out money for regular repairs is a warning sign that it needs some attention.  In fact, regular HVAC maintenance is said to reduce the risk of costly breakdowns by as much as 95%.

Th nice thing about furnace repair services from Capital Heating & Cooling is that we provide a full system diagnostic.  Which means in addition to tackling the immediate repair, our technicians take a closer look to identify the underlying cause and related parts that may be close to failure.  Now, reactive furnace repair services shouldn’t replace your preventative HVAC maintenance, but it helps to know we’ve got your back.

5. You Furnace is Older than Your Moon boots.

While age sometimes works in favor of things, sadly your furnace is not one of them and it takes effort to keep it working properly.  Naturally, the wear and tear over the years causes most things to dry out, fall apart, wear out and break all together.  So, if you expect your senior status furnace to keep up, you need to commit to an annual furnace maintenance visit.

To schedule schedule service, submit the form on our furnace maintenance page, or call Capital Heating & Cooling now 414.384.4822.    Plus, ask how you can get a discount on your tune-up with a maintenance plan membership!





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