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Author: laura | October 4, 2016

Choosing a Furnace Installation Company


When it’s time for furnace replacement, upgrade, or new furnace installation, it’s important to choose a qualified HVAC company.  Qualifications include the appropriate licenses, home furnace installation experience, insurance coverage.  Additional things you’ll want to consider include financing, warrantees & guarantee coverage, post-installation support, and availability.  Capital Heating & Cooling provides everything you need for a high quality, satisfaction guaranteed home furnace installation.

• Licenses:  Don’t assume all Milwaukee HVAC companies have the appropriate licenses to professionally install your home’s furnace.  A Wisconsin State HVAC license has minimal requirements, unlike a HVAC Qualifiers license which is more difficult to obtain.  To obtain an HVAC Qualifiers license in Wisconsin requires passing a 4 hour exam and ongoing continued education yearly.  In many municipalities, an HVAC license alone isn’t sufficient to pull the required permits to install your home furnace. In addition to an HVAC Qualifiers license, Capital Heating & Cooling has a General Contractor license which means more resources are available to you, at no additional charge. Capital HVAC's furnace installation guarantee

• Guarantees: Once your home heating system is installed, what proof do you have that the HVAC company you hired will stand behind their work? Capital Heating & Cooling puts our money where our work is with a money-back guarantee, 10 year warranty, and more.

• Experience:  All furnaces have similar components and they all heat your home.  The quality of your home’s heating system really depends on how well it’s installed – even the best furnaces won’t perform if they’re installed poorly.   With over a decade of residential furnace installations under our belts, we’re so confident in the quality of our HVAC installation work that we back it with up to a 10 Year Guarantee. So, regardless of if you choose a Bryant, Rheem, Trane, Luxaire, Goodman, or any other furnace brand your new furnace will be professionally installed using the highest workmanship standards.

• Insurance:  Choosing an insured HVAC company means that in the unlikely event that an accident happens on the job, you won’t be liable for damages and injuries.  Because of our Commercial HVAC jobs, we’re covered for a lot more than most local HVAC companies.

•  Financing: Birds of a feather flock together. Qualified HVAC companies work with qualified financial lenders to make your home’s furnace installation more affordable.  HVAC companies in Waukesha County that don’t offer financing are a red flag.

•  Post Furnace Installation Support: Once the equipment is in, what does the HVAC company do to ensure your furnace maintenance is performed?  (Manufacturer’s require annual furnace maintenance to keep your furnace warranty active; skipping an annual furnace tune-up could result in lapse in coverage!)  Capital Heating & Cooling helps every furnance installation customer enroll in pre-paid maintenance plans.

• Furnace Installation Availability: A good HVAC company in Milwaukee does you no good if they can’t get to you when you need them.  Capital Heating & Cooling provides furnace installation service 7 days a week, and often has same day installation available.

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