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Author: laura | October 4, 2019

10 Reasons you need Google Nest this holiday season

All this smart home craziness people are talking about just seems like a lot of work, right? It’s like you need to be a rocket surgeon just to get your fridge to make ice. And I need an app for my toothbrush now? What?! That’s where Nest comes in. With the help of Google they make smart home tech for everyone. One app, no need to learn a foreign language, just an easier and safer life at your fingertips.

1. Keys are so 2018

We’re heading into the year 2020. Aside from feeling older and dealing with all kinds of perfect vision jokes, the new year and decade should bring with it a reminder that the future is here! We may not have flying cars or hoverboards or really anything Marty McFly promised, but we DO have the ability to leave those annoying keys behind. With a Nest x Yale lock, you only need a free finger to unlock your door. Hands completely full from a shopping trip? You could probably punch in the code with your nose if you really had to. Now THAT is a future I want to live in. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Catch 'em in the act with a Nest Hello doorbell installed by Capital Heating & Cooling

2. Get the drop on those Halloween trickers

So what if you gave out kale chips for trick-or-treat – kids get plenty of candy, right? Well now you’re the top target in the neighborhood for ding-dong ditch. Not for long! When you add a Nest Hello video doorbell you can catch them before they make it to the doorbell.

Milwaukee Nest Product installation experts!

3. Stay safe

No jokes here. All sorts of strangers come to our front doors. Plenty of them are collecting donations or trying to sell new siding. But some are looking to cause trouble. Wouldn’t it be reassuring to be able to spot those types more easily? What if you could see someone snooping around your garage or peeking in windows before they came to the door? With the Google Nest Hello and Nest Outdoor Cameras you can do just that. It’s a scary world out there sometimes, protect yourself.

Capital Heating & Cooling in Menomonee Falls installs Nest Hello doorbells.

4. Protect your purchases

Especially around the holidays, packages left on your front porch can just scream “take me!”. Google Nest Hello Doorbell can alert you when a package was left and when it was picked up. Most thieves know it’s not worth being caught in the act and will leave your new pair of unicorn leggings alone.

5. Stop getting one-upped by your three year old

How many times has this happened – you go out to check the mail or water some plants and *click*, your precious little angel just locked you out. No more crawling through windows or trying to find that key under a rock that might not even be there anymore. With the Nest x Yale Lock just punch in your code and another crisis is averted.

nest notifications

6. Holiday surprises stay a surprise

Package notifications aren’t just great for keeping an eye out for thieves. When you order a gift for someone special in your home and it’s so obvious based on the sender what is inside, you can get warned in time to tell that someone to leave that box alone. Maybe they’re too curious and won’t listen, but that’s a whole other problem.

7. Let contractors in from anywhere

When the furnace goes out right before you’re supposed to leave for a little winter getaway, what are you supposed to do? Cancel your trip so you can sit in a cold house and watch someone work? If you’ve got a contractor coming over that you trust, you can let them in the house from anywhere using your phone. No need to hand out keys or even a code. Just tap a button and you’re good to go.

8. Avoid awkward conversations

You know how your neighbor Lisa is always trying to sell you on her favorite line of essential oils? With Google Nest Hello and Familiar Face Alerts, your phone will recognize Lisa and warn you so you can duck out of view of the windows. You can even use pre-recorded greetings to say you’re in the shower and maybe she should come back in the year 2192. 

9. Keep an eye on the kids

Of course, we’d never let our kids play out back unsupervised. That would be terrible parenting. But maybe you’ve got to go prep dinner or take some time to properly aerate that bottle of rosé. You know, important stuff. Just pull up your Nest camera on your phone or Google Hub. You can see everything they’re up to and know if you need to run out to the rescue.


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