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Duct Sealing and Testing in Milwaukee, WI

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Did you know that 95% of all homes have leaky ductwork? It’s a sneaky culprit ruining the efficiency of so many homes in Milwaukee, WI. If you want great ductwork, duct sealing and duct testing are two important services you should invest in on a regular basis. The Capital Heating, Cooling & Electric professionals are the best team to turn to when you want this work because:

  • We have a $500 not a day without comfort promise.
  • We have a 100% unconditional satisfaction or your money-back guarantee.
  • We have a lifetime ductwork guarantee.

We’re known for our Defendo-Seal work. Defendo-Seal is technology we stand by because it blocks our dirt, duct, grime, and bacteria to keep your home healthy. Remember that we’re friendly professionals—there’s never a silly question with us. You can always call to discuss your duct sealing and testing inquiries.

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Duct Sealing Services

The best thing about duct sealing is that it keeps your home efficient. You could have the best heater or air conditioner the market has to offer but it still wouldn’t serve your home well if you didn’t have proper duct sealing. This is why we emphasize the importance of this service and choose Defendo-Seal technology.

Duct Testing Services

If you think that you might have trouble with your home’s ductwork, we think it’s worthwhile to have one of our professionals test your home’s ducts. Our technicians will find any leaks or gaps quickly and then work to seal the system in record time.

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