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Duct Cleaning, the Capital way, right here in Milwaukee

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Regular duct cleanings are an essential part of home maintenance, and Capital duct cleanings do far more than just clean out your ducts:

  • Eradicate particulates
  • Prevent mold
  • Helps you breathe clean, healthy air
  • Saves your HVAC system

Our NADCA certified technicians clean your ducts with high powered trucks, not glorified shop vacs. We believe in taking the time to do the job RIGHT.

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Eradicate particulates

If you don’t get your ducts cleaned, every bit of dust, dirt, dead skin, bacteria, pollen, cat hair, dog hair and human hair sits in the ductwork, and dries out. Then it breaks up and blows from your home’s vents straight into your lungs. It’s disgusting if you think about it.

If you don’t think you’ve got a problem, wait for a sunny day and look at that window as the light streams through it and see all that stuff floating in the air. It’s no wonder that you’re dusting all the time! Capital will clean your ducts with our high-powered trucks and hook you up with a humidifier, so you go from dusting weekly to dusting every few months. That’s a fact.

Prevent mold

If your ductwork gets too moist, the built up particulates in your ventilation system turn into mold, which ends up in your lungs.

Helps you breathe clean, healthy air

After a Capital duct cleaning, you will be free from the contaminants in your formerly dirty ducts and the allergy and respiratory issues.

You will have new peace of mind when you know that all that dust, dirt, dead skin, bacteria, pollen, cat hair, dog hair and human hair that you and your family have been breathing in is finally eradicated.

Saves your HVAC system

When we say "system" we’re talking about your furnace, your air conditioner, the ductwork, the filters, the registers, safety components, and every other part that makes up your central air system.

Think of your furnace and air conditioner as the lungs of your home, breathing in and out all day. Well, how well do you think your body would run if you were constantly breathing nothing but a bunch of dust, dirt, hair dead skin and pet dander particulates all day, every day? We’ll leave that as a rhetorical question.

Dirty ducts impede the flow of air in your home and cause your furnace and air conditioner to work harder. That costs you extra on energy bills and wears out your system faster.

Bottom line is, you need two things for your system to work great, good air flow and clean operating surfaces. Lucky for you, we specialize in those two things.

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