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Enjoy the Benefits Of Oil to Natural Gas Furnace Conversion

Oil was once a top choice for home heating, especially in colder climates. Now, many homeowners are opting for Milwaukee oil-to-gas conversions. When it’s time to replace your oil furnace, consider the benefits of switching to natural gas. Our certified HVAC technicians can visit your home and make an assessment as to whether an oil-to-gas conversion is right for you. Capital Heating & Cooling has provided our quality services to area homeowners since 2007—and we’ve earned many awards and accolades along the way for our exceptional customer service. For information about our efficient oil-to-gas conversions, contact us today!

Benefits of an Oil-to-Gas Heating Conversion

In cold climates like ours, oil has long been an efficient choice. While electric heat pumps have trouble heating your home on the coldest days, an oil furnace kept it toasty and warm. Gas heating, like oil, can handle the extreme cold—including those January and February days when temps in the teens are common. While both oil and gas can keep your home warm all winter, gas has some benefits over oil, including:

  • Increased Home Value: Many home buyers prefer a home with a gas furnace, so an oil-to-gas heating conversion can add value to your home.
  • You Don’t Have to Call the Oil Man: Have you ever forgotten to get your oil replenished, and then awoke to a freezing cold house? You’ll never have that problem again with the convenience of natural gas.
  • No More Ugly Storage Tanks: Reclaim your yard! Unless you have a buried tank, you’ll be glad to get rid of the eyesore that is your oil storage tank!
  • Environmentally Preferred Heating Method: Reduce carbon emissions by up to 40% with clean-burning natural gas!
  • Lower Heating Costs:  You’ll save hundreds of dollars every year on your heating costs when you choose a Milwaukee oil-to-gas heating conversion. While prices of both oil and gas fluctuate, gas is typically a much lower-cost choice than oil.

It’s quite cost effective to switch from oil to gas, and the savings and convenience you’ll enjoy make it a worthwhile investment.

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