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Ductless Systems in Milwaukee, WI

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Ductless units (commonly referred to as ductless mini splits) have become a lot more popular in recent years. This is for good reason. Ductless systems are both effective and adaptable. If you want to make sure that you receive the full benefit of a ductless system, then you should rely on the Capital Heating, Cooling & Electric professionals. We believe…

  • You should always have maximum comfort and safety in your home.
  • In saving you money. It’s why we created our Capital Cares Club.
  • In giving you red carpet service and superior workmanship.

We like to think of ourselves as a one stop shop for your comfort. You can rely on our professionals in Milwaukee because we offer ductless HVAC maintenance, installation, replacement, and repair.

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Ductless HVAC Installation

Getting great ductless heating or ductless air conditioning starts with your ductless HVAC installation. This is when you should come to a professional on our team. We know ductless units from split air conditioners to the individual wall-mounted units. We make your installation easy because we’re experts.

Ductless HVAC Replacement

Eventually, you’re going to need to replace your ductless unit. When this time comes, we can be there for you. We’re of the mind that it’s better to upgrade than to struggle with the same system you’re using currently. We can help you unpack all your options and perform the replacement as well.

Ductless HVAC Repair

Are you hearing weird noises coming from your ductless HVAC system? Are you struggling to get warm or cool? This isn’t something you should ever deal with. If you are, then it’s time to invest in repair work. Our professionals make this easy because we always treat your home with care.

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