Home Depot Brand Ambassador Training

Brand Ambassador Training

General product knowledge will increase the customers’ confidence in you and our company.It’s important to have a general understanding of the product and services we offer.  Brand Ambassadors are not expected to be product experts (that’s the job of our sales team) but rather to qualify leads and represent Capital Heating & Cooling in a professional manner.

Cooling Systems

Watch video to learn how an air conditioner works.

Air Conditioning

Conventional air conditioning systems include an outdoor condenser unit (the big silver box outside,) furnace, and duct work to cool and carry the air to the desired rooms.  Capital Heating & Cooling does not sell or service window units

The efficiency of an air conditioner is measured in SEER ratings; the higher the SEER, the more efficient.  Higher SEER ratings typically cost more to buy, but use less energy to operate.  Whereas lower SEER ratings are less expensive, but costs more to operate.  Special deals are available from the government to help homeowners pay for a more efficient air conditioner.

While it’s not required the air conditioner and furnace are replaced at the same time (or are the same kind) it will increase the efficiency of the overall system.  It also costs less to replace  the air conditioner and the furnace at the same time, compared to one now and one later.  Rheem is the preferred brand for Home Depot customers.

Ductless Cooling

Regardless if a home’s primary heating system is a boiler or furnace, ductless cooling systems (commonly referred to as a mini split,) are used to bring cooled air to areas of the home where there’s no duct work and extending or installing duct work is not feasible.

Even when adding duct work is feasible, a ductless system is often preferred because the installation is less disruptive to the home.  Mitsubishi is the preferred brand for Home Depot customers.


Heating Systems


A furnace is an appliance that uses gas or oil to warm air to be circulated throughout a home.  Often referred to as a “forced air system,” a furnace requires duct work to carry the warmed air from the furnace to the desired rooms.  Simply stated, if a home has a furnace, it has duct work.

High efficient furnaces typically cost more to buy, but use less energy to operate.  Whereas a single stage furnace is less expensive, but costs more to operate.  Special deals are available from the government and manufacturers to help homeowners pay for a high efficient furnace.  Rheem is the preferred brand for Home Depot customers.


A boiler is an alternative heating appliance typically found in vintage homes that turns water into steam and distributes it via radiatorsbaseboard heaters, or in-floor piping.

While boilers usually cost more to install upfront than furnaces do, they cost less to operate, last longer, require less maintenance and repairs, and distribute heat more evenly and dust free.



Thermostats are used to adjust the comfort settings in your home.  They range in sophistication and compatibility can also depend on the type of HVAC equipment in the home. Nest and Honeywell are the preferred brands for Home Depot customers.

Duct work

Duct work is basically metal conduits that carry the heated or cooled air from a furnace to the desired rooms.  If a home has duct work, it uses a furnace as its heating system.

ductwork is defined as “Hollow pipes used to transfer air from the airhandler to the air vents throughout your home. Ductwork is one of the most important components of a home heating and cooling system.”

Over time leaky joints and holes may develop, allowing cooled or heated air to escape and reduce the air quality inside the home.  Our consultants do a visual inspection of the duct work during the free in-home consultation.



Maintenance is the work our technician does to a heating or cooling system to ensure it’s in good working condition.  Often referred to as a “tune-up” or “cleaning.”  While a Brand Ambassador’s main area of focus is on replacement condition, it can be useful to have a few basics about maintenance in your back pocket:

  • change furnace filter
  • clean & lubricate moving parts
  • visually inspect duct work
  • check thermostat & controls

Check out a full furnace maintenance checklist for additional details.

What is our relationship with the Home Depot?

Capital Heating & Cooling is an authorized service provider for The Home Depot. A Home Depot Service Provider is company (like ours) that was carefully selected and authorized by The Home Depot to provide professional services (like HVAC) to their customers.  In our case, we’re a heating & cooling company that was chosen to provide HVAC & indoor air quality services.

Job Description & Objective

Brand Ambassadors are an important part of our sales and marketing team; stationed inside the Home Depot, the primary objective of a Brand Ambassador is to schedule consultations for furnace and/or AC replacement.  While there are additional services we provide depending on the customers’ needs, replacement equipment is our primary area of interest.

Identifying a lead and scheduling a consultation is done using our simple 5 step process You’ll practice this process during your on boarding and in-store coaching.


There are three criteria the customer must meet to be considered a “lead.” It is the job of the Brand Ambassador to ensure the customer meets these criteria before submitting their information to the office:

  1. homeowner
  2. equipment 10+ years
  3. open to a free consultation

The Life of  Lead

A customer’s journey begins with you.  From the first impression to the conversation you have with them in the store, it’s important we set the lead up for success.  So, what happens after you identify a lead and gain the customers’ interest in the free consultation?  Below communicates how we  work as a team to nurture the lead from start to sale:


The last step, when our sales representative gets into the home to perform the free consultation, is when the Brand Ambassador earns their “spiff.”

Nest Products

Capital Heating & Cooling has the highest level of certification from the Nest company; we are a Nest Elite pro partner.  Which means we’ve received the highest level of training directly from Nest and are a preferred installer.

It’s recommended that homeowners work with Capital Heating & Cooling to select and install Nest products, instead of buying them off the shelves.  In addition to being a Nest Pro Elite partner, we back the installation with a one year warranty, and can set up integration with Google Home and other Nest products.


Nest thermostats have energy saving features, modern designs, and can be controlled from an app.  With the Nest app, you can control your thermostat from anywhere you get a Wi-Fi signal. Use your phone, tablet, or laptop. You can check your energy history to see how much you’ve saved and how to save more.


Security cameras

nest indoor outdoor cameraNest has indoor and outdoor security cameras that has incredibly crisp, clear video and HD Talk and Listen. It can identify when someone’s in your home, alert you, and zoom in to see who’s there. You can hear exactly what’s happening and talk back clearly and seamlessly to family and pets.

See photos of activity from the last three hours for free in the Nest app. Paid subscription is available to see activity further back.



Nest partnered with Yale to make a tamper‑proof, key‑free deadbolt that connects to the Nest app. We recommend this lock over traditional deadbolts for its security and its flexibility

Now you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere with a convenient app. It’s like being home when you’re not. You can also give people you trust a pass code, instead of a key. Nest keeps you in control by allowing you to set times when pass codes expire. Alerts let you know whenever someone locks or unlocks a door so you always know who comes and goes.



Nest Video Doorbell

The Nest Hello is a high-tech doorbell that has a sophisticated built in camera that lets you see and talk to people at the door.  Facial recognition and movement detector make it a great safety feature for the home.  With the Nest app, anything peculiar triggers a video alert to you phone.



Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarms

Nest Carbon Monoxide Detector and Smoke AlarmThe Nest Protect is a carbon monoxide and smoke alarm combined that reliably detects and alerts you to the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide in your home. The alarm speaks to you in a calm, clear, human voice, telling you the location of the danger. It also provides smartphone alerts and battery status updates to help protect your home while you’re away.


Alarm Systems

The Nest Secure is a modular system for arming a homeowners doors and windows.  The device sits indoors facing your front door and communicates with a series of smaller devices, called Nest Detects, that can be placed throughout the home.  The system sends security alerts to the homeowner’s phone and they can check the free Nest app to see what triggered the alarm (a door or window opened or someone entered a room) – which means they can call the police or your emergency contacts if necessary.

Plus, you can add Nest Cam security cameras, Nest Hello video doorbell, or professional monitoring from Brinks Home Security™ and it will all work seamlessly.

Indoor air quality refers to the health and comfort level of the air inside a home.  Humidity levels and presence of air borne allergens and contaminants can lead to serious health problems, physical discomfort, and damage to floors and furniture.

General product knowledge about indoor air quality will increase the customers’ confidence in you and our company.


Indoor Air Quality Audit

An indoor air quality audit is when we test the air inside a home for humidity levels, contaminants, and other harmful things.   The cost of an audit is $189 but is a value add (free) during an in-home equipment replacement consultation.  The test takes roughly 30 minutes and is done using a small and sophisticated instrument that is placed in the home.

The homeowner is provided with a full report of the findings and any recommended solutions or products.

Check out a sample report.


Duct work

Duct work refers to the strategically placed metal conduits that carry the heated or cooled air from a furnace to the desired rooms in the home.  If a home has duct work, it uses a furnace as its heating system.

Over time leaky joints and holes may develop, allowing cooled or heated air to escape and reduce the air quality inside the home.  Our consultants do a visual inspection of the duct work during the free in-home consultation.


Air Duct Cleaning

Over time allergens, food, and debris collect inside the air ducts of a home.  Air duct cleaning is the process in which we professionally remove the odor causing debris, allergens, and contaminants from inside the home’s air duct system using sophisticated tools and equipment.

Capital Heating & Cooling is certified by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association and is the only HVAC Company in SE Wisconsin to use commercial grade truck mounted duct cleaning system.

We offer free estimates over the phone based on the square footage of the customer’s home.  Your job is to build a rapport with the customer in the store, then send the customers contact information, project details, and your notes to the  inside sales team via the offsite lead form.

Whole Home Humidifier

A whole home humidifier is an appliance that attaches to the duct work and blows moist air throughout the home, which raises the relative humidity and  improving overall comfort. Humidifiers are most useful during the cold winter months when the air is dry because not enough moisture causes dry skin and eyes, cracked woodwork, and increases the likelihood of colds and flu.

It’s recommended to have a model that automatically adjusts, instead of relying on the homeowner to manually adjust.  Aprilaire is the preferred brand of whole home humidifiers for Home Depot customers. Capital Heating & Cooling does not sell portable humidifiers.

Whole Home Dehumidifier

A whole home dehumidifier is an appliance used to extract the right amount of moisture from a home to help prevent the health and comfort problems (mold/mildew growth, warped woodwork, etc.) caused by high humidity.  The type of whole home humidifier depends on the homeowners, and includes a common a free standing option, or one that attaches to the duct work and distributes the dry air throughout the home.

A dehumidifier is most useful during the humid summer months when moisture levels are naturally highest and causes mold and mildew to grow, warps woodwork.   Aprilaire is the preferred brand for Home Depot.  Capital Heating & Cooling does not sell portable room dehumidifiers.


Air Filters

An air filter, commonly referred to as a furnace filter is used to catch dust and and contaminants before they can enter the furnace.  Over time dust and other contaminants can jam up the furnace cause damage if not properly stopped by a filter.  Filters are graded by a MERV rating; the higher the MERV rating the more it will stop.  Keep in mind that includes air, so the higher the MERV rating, the harder the furnace will work to push the air through the filter.

Promotional and limited time deals are a great way to build urgency for the customer to schedule their in-home consultation right now.  Right now we can offer the customer the following deals at the time of their consultation:

0% Financing

Financing is a great way to help the customer pay for their new system over time.  Right now, we’re offering 0% financing for 12 months!  The sales consultant will help them apply before or during their in-home consultation.




Free Indoor Air Quality Audit (Reg. $189!)

During their in-home consultation the sales consultant will perform an indoor air quality audit (free) and provide a full report and any recommendations. A sample report is attached to your clipboard to show customers.







Home Depot credit card

Customers can pay for their new heating and cooling system with their Home Depot credit card!  If they don’t have a card, ask an associate help you get them started.





Home Depot project loan

If customers have another home improvement project planned, they can roll the cost of their new heating and cooling system into it by applying for a Home Depot project loan.   As an associate to help the customer get started!




Furnace Giveaway

Milwaukee furnace installation giveaway

Homeowners with equipment over 10 years old can enter to win a brand new heating system worth $4,800!  An in-home consultation is expected.  Giveaway details are attached to your clipboard.




$99 Furnace Tune Up

Home Depot customers get preferred pricing on maintenance services; add the $10 off coupon you give them during the 5 step process and the price goes down to only $99!