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In the SE Wisconsin and Milwaukee area, Capital Heating & Cooling is well known for providing exceptional repair, installation, and service. The people we send out to serve you are also top-notch, something you”ll see in their reviews below. Everyone you deal with at our company has the goal of making sure your experience with us will be so good you”ll call us every time you need help. You can feel confident working with Capital Heating & Cooling because we stand behind our work and comply with all local codes. This is why, as you can see by the map and reviews below, we are rated so highly for Furnace & Air Conditioning Repair in Whitefish Bay, WI. Call us today at (262) 735-5548.

If your air conditioner is running but not cooling your home in Whitefish Bay, not only are you not comfortable, but your energy bill will be higher than usual. There are a few steps you can take at home to try and solve the problem, including:

  • Replace your air filter in case it is clogging up the air circulation in your home.
  • Set the thermostat to AUTO to run properly. When set to ON, the blower will continue to run even when the system is not cooling your home.
  • An AC cannot expel the warm air from your house when covered in dirt and debris. Clean the outdoor unit to have it function better and keep your house cooler.
  • Check to make sure that the outdoor breaker for your air conditioner is not tripped, as the unit will continue to blow air into the house even though it is not cool.

If you have tried these steps but still feel warm air blow into your house, the following problems will need to be addressed by a certified AC technician:

  • Refrigerant Leak
  • Leaking Ducts
  • Faulty Compressor

The thing that primarily affects the cost of an air conditioning repair is what specifically is wrong with the unit. Most repairs average $350 and are fairly minor. Larger repairs, like replacing the compressor, can be over $1,500 to repair. Repairs that need to be fixed on the weekend or at night might incur an extra emergency charge as well.

Capital HVAC offers expert and affordable AC repair services near the Whitefish Bay area. Contact us today for a free estimate on services or to schedule an appointment!

A furnace or AC tune up will include the following services:

  • Change air filters
  • Clean and remove debris from blowers, moving parts, and condensing units
  • Check the condensate drain for any obstructions
  • Verify the thermostat is working properly
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Inspect the electrical connections and voltage
  • Lubricate moving parts in compressors, circulation units, and furnaces to minimize friction
  • Inspect exhaust outlets so there is no risk of dangerous gases getting trapped indoors
  • Check fuel lines and connections

Capital HVAC goes the extra mile for Whitefish Bay by following additional protocols listed in the ACCA’s inspection task checklists. We also offer HVAC maintenance plans that include even more perks that make the cost well worth it. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your maintenance service!

A home HVAC unit should last 15 – 20 years, if well maintained and serviced regularly. Some factors could negatively impact the lifespan of your unit:

  • Unrealistic expectations – When you place unattainable standards on a piece of equipment, it will shorten its lifespan. In the case of HVACs, if it is over 90 degrees outside and you are trying to cool your house to 60 degrees on a regular basis, for instance.
  • Quality of the unit – Higher quality units tend to last longer.
  • Properly chosen and installed – Many think that an HVAC unit that is larger than what your home calls for will work better. Unfortunately this is not the case and actually ends up shortening a unit’s lifespan. Also, improperly installed HVACs do not work as well and tend to go out earlier.

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