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You should always trust your home and business comfort needs to trained, fully certified professionals. When you need services like 24/7 emergency furnace repair or quick, proper furnace installation to meet your home’s unique needs, call the qualified team at Capital Heating & Cooling. We also offer indoor air quality services such as air duct cleaning! For over a decade, we’ve been providing residents in the Southeastern Wisconsin area with high-quality comfort services. We want to be your go-to team for heating and cooling services in the Wauwatosa, WI area.

Zip Codes and Areas Serviced:

  • 53007
  • 53210
  • 53213
  • 53222
  • 53225
  • 53226
  • 53263

Read real reviews from our customers in Wauwatosa, WI to see why they choose Capital for their home comfort needs. Call us at (262) 735-5548 to schedule an appointment.

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How much does it cost to have your air conditioner serviced in Wauwatosa?

On average, AC services cost between $50 to $140, depending on the type of work. There is a large difference between a simple maintenance check and full-fledged replacement. However, routine maintenance can prolong your system’s lifespan and result in less frequent, less costly repairs. While it may be a larger up-front expense, routine maintenance can save you a significant amount on future services, and help you avoid unnecessary ones! If you have any questions, or are in need of AC services in the Wauwatosa area, give Capital HVAC a call at 262-383-2289.

How often should you have your HVAC system cleaned?

According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, you should have your air ducts cleaned every 3-5 years. Not only does regular duct cleaning enhance your home’s indoor air quality, but it also helps to keep your system running efficiently, which means lower energy bills! However, consider scheduling a duct cleaning service immediately if your notice:

  • A visible cloud of dust when air exits your vents.
  • An abundance of pests, such as rats or insects, passing both in or out of your ducts.
  • Musty odors coming from your system, which may indicate mold or mildew growth!

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your system cleaned, call Capital HVAC at 262-383-2289 today!

How much does an HVAC system cost?

A new AC unit, furnace and ductwork installation can cost anywhere from $6,800 to $12,000. While a new system without ductwork included will likely run between $5,000 to 9,350, prices may vary based on several factors such as the size of your home and preferred brands. If it’s about time for you to replace your HVAC system, contact the Capital HVAC team at 262-383-2289!