AC technician doing a free diagnostic on a broken AC

FAQ's about AC Repair Services

The cost of air conditioning repairs in the Milwaukee area average around $300-$600.  This is according to multiple homeowner resources like Home Advisor, HVAC.com & Homeguide.com. Keep in mind this is an average – not a min/max and does not include the repair’s diagnostic fee. For example:

  • an AC refrigerant leak can cost $1,200+  because of the 2020 R22 AC refrigerant ban.
  • replacing thermostat batteries typically will only cost you the repair’s diagnostic fee.

AC repair diagnostic fees typically costs around $100-$125 and include the technician coming to your home to diagnose the problem. Whether it takes him/her 3 minutes or 3 hours, the cost is the same.  From there, the actual AC repair cost depends on the problem.

Common low cost AC repairs:

  1. Blown fuse
  2. power switch
  3. dead thermostat batteries

Capital Heating & Cooling recommends downloading our free AC Troubleshooting Guide before calling the experts.  This could save you at least $100!

Common expensive AC repair costs

  1. AC coil replacement
  2. Refrigerant leak repair
  3. Fan motor

Yes, Capital Heating & Cooling repairs all make and models of air conditioners.  Our AC repair technicians are certified and receive continuing education in our proprietary in-house training lab.  With ever changing technology, new types of equipment and product recalls, it’s imperative our technicians are equipped with the know-how to repair all types of cooling systems.  We do not service window units.