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Author: laura | November 6, 2019

Company’s Coming…Get Rid of Bad Smells and Allergens Before They Arrive

The holidays are just around the corner—and thus begins the race to deep clean your home before your subtly judgmental relatives arrive. From scented trash bags to vacuuming the dog himself, you’ll do everything in your power to help your guests enjoy their time in your home and not be distracted by strange smells or the itchy eyes, coughing, and runny noses caused by the allergens lingering in your home.

Duct Cleaning Removes Odor Causing Debris 

What's that smell? Get rid of odors with duct cleaning by Capital Heating & Cooling!

Ensure that the appetizing smells of turkey, ham, or savory vegetables will be the only ones wafting through the house; not stale, musty air. Avoid that dreaded moment where your guests wrinkle their noses and you overhear them asking one another ‘what is that smell?’

You emptied the trash, cleaned the litter boxes, washed the gym bags, even shampooed your carpeting, but that foul lingering odor you just can’t put your thumb on is determined to spoil your holiday.  The fact is you can clean until the tinsel hits the fan, but unless your air ducts are clean there’s only so much you can do.  Lingering household odors typically happen gradually over time as odor causing debris and airborne contaminants build up inside your duct work and continue to circulate throughout your home.  So whether it’s the chunks of hot dog little Timmy dropped down the vents (Timmy is 23 now,) the years of pollen and dander buildup, or the dead rat that died with a full belly 2 years ago, it’s only logical that the only way to get rid of those lingering odors is to remove the debris and contaminants that are causing the odors.  

Air duct cleaning is the most effective way to remove the layers of built up contaminants and debris from inside your air ducts.   As part of our regular air duct cleaning services, we can also sanitize and use a sporicidin solution to thoroughly deodorize your air ducts.   And with company on the way, it’s a relief to know that our professional air duct cleaning services can remove those odor causing contaminants and debris from your air ducts within a day.    

Limit Allergies with Duct Cleaning

Whether you’re hosting guests with allergies or those without, clean air ducts are a must for anyone who prefers not to decorate their serving table with a ‘Please Excuse Our Dust’ sign purloined from a construction site. For those who do have allergies, your thoughtfulness will be the cause of immense gratitude, as anyone who has ever suffered quietly through the holidays with sneezing, coughing, runny eyes, or other allergy attack symptoms can attest. Things like this can ruin the holidays for the person enduring them, and also affects those around them such as family who may wish to leave early to alleviate their family member’s suffering – or the host, who may feel awkward at the obvious discomfort being experienced by a guest. It’s not worth the risk; settle in for the holidays with peace of mind knowing you’ve done everything you can for the comfort of your company by getting your air ducts cleaned.

Choosing a Scrooge-Approved Duct Cleaning Company in the Milwaukee Area

It’s important to remember that despite your sport-like holiday driven desire to save money, choosing a clearance sale priced duct cleaning service will leave you sorry – and your ducts still dirty.  Quality duct cleaning services require highly trained technicians, commercial grade equipment with a large amount of suction power, and specialized tools to gain access throughout the duct work.

Capital Heating & Cooling uses flat rate pricing to tell you how much your duct cleaning will cost.  Which means, you will know the bottom line cost of your duct cleaning services upfront.  We collect all the information we need right over the phone to provide you with a free duct cleaning estimate for your home.

Company’s Coming… schedule your air duct cleaning now, or give us a call at call 414.384.4822 for a free estimate.


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