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Author: laura | October 2, 2019

Call the Dirty Duct Exorcists this October

Picture a dark and chilly Halloween night. You’re curled up on the couch with a monster movie marathon. You start to notice a faint smell, like a stagnant pond. Before you know it, a thick green fog envelopes the room. You try to get up, but you’re paralyzed with a fit of coughing and sneezing. Before you can gasp out a scream, the fog consumes you and you’re never heard from again.

The trouble with dirty air ducts is you don’t get much of a visual confirmation of the gruesome particles seeping into your room. You may not get a smell. You don’t always see dirt accumulating on your registers. Chances are, you’ve still got mold, dust, dead skin or even vermin (and things they leave behind) in your ducts. The more you think about it, you’ll probably wish you vanished into thin air. Instead, you’re stuck breathing in that nasty air. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Duct cleaning in Milwaukee – is it that important?







In the Milwaukee area, we have a lot of things working against our ducts:

Mold: A humid climate can increase the likelihood of moisture getting in our ducts, leading to mold. Any mold is growing in your home is bad news for your health.

Allergens: We’re a haven for allergens. Pollen? Check. Grass? You bet. Mold? Plenty. if you suffer from seasonal allergies, you know locking yourself indoors doesn’t save you. Just as allergens get in your nose, they also get in your ducts.

Years of Dirt: Plenty of old vintage homes means decades worth of gunk accumulating in ducts.  Even if your home isn’t vintage – what’s built up from the previous homeowner?

Winter. This doesn’t make your ducts dirtier, but it means you’ll spend a lot more time pushing whatever is in your ducts throughout your house and getting to know those little particles at a very personal level.

All of this can lead to allergies and illnesses, higher heating bills, and having to always spend the holidays at cousin Dave’s because his wife thinks your house smells but won’t say it to your face. Worse yet, Dave has that weird hairless cat that just stares at you while you eat. You don’t want to spend Thanksgiving at Dave’s house. But this is what happens when too much creepy crud sneaks into your ducts.

Scared yet? 

You don’t have to be! There may be icky particles in your ducts, but at least there are no maniacal clowns. At Capital Heating & Cooling, we can handle icky particles (but just a heads up, if we find a clown in your ducts, we’re running and you’re on your own). That’s why we’ve been the trusted pros for Milwaukee duct cleaning for over a decade.

Book your vent cleaning today!

Before winter forces you to run that furnace regularly, give us a call. We’ll come armed with silver bullets, wooden stakes and fresh garlic (note: we won’t use any of these, just top-of-the line vent cleaning equipment) to chase off the little dirt monsters hiding in your ducts. The end result? You’ll be breathing easier all winter long!

Need a little more information? Take a look at our duct cleaning guide with plenty of helpful information about the whole process. Oh and we almost forgot to mention, we offer free estimates right over the phone. So book your duct cleaning today, we’re dying to help.


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