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Milwaukee Geothermal Cooling Installation

As natural gas and oil prices continue to rise, many homeowners throughout Milwaukee have begun to search for a cheaper, more sustainable way to cool their homes. But if you think you’ll have to sacrifice comfort to see a meaningful reduction in energy use, Capital Heating & Cooling is here to prove that you don’t! As the only true 24/7 HVAC company in Milwaukee, geothermal cooling installation is one of our primary specialties. With the help of our expert technicians, you can make your household more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient—even on the hottest summer days!

Reduce Your Milwaukee Home’s Energy Usage With a Geothermal Cooling System

Unlike traditional HVAC units that work to manufacture cool air, geothermal cooling systems take advantage of the cool air that already exists beneath the ground. By using the earth’s natural temperature—which hovers around 50° F, even in the summer—these systems push the heat out of your home and replace it with naturally cooler air.

Using the earth’s natural cooling power like this not only reduces your home’s carbon footprint, but also offers big energy savings. Although the initial cost of a geothermal cooling installation is undoubtedly higher than a traditional system, many households find that the ongoing energy savings are well worth the investment.

Why You Need Experienced Geothermal Cooling Installers

Although geothermal cooling systems are growing in popularity, relatively few Milwaukee HVAC companies know how to properly install and maintain these unique systems. Choosing inexperienced geothermal cooling installers can significantly reduce the effectiveness of this system, leaving you with an uncomfortably warm home and the same sky-high energy bills as before.

At Capital Heating & Cooling, we’ve specialized in geothermal cooling system installations since 2007. Our NATE-certified technicians have the required expertise to:

  • Engineer the proper system build for your home’s soil conditions and size
  • Gather all required permits and licenses
  • Install all geothermal system components properly
  • Support our installations with written product and craftsmanship guarantees
  • Maintain top-notch system performance for decades to come

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To avoid the headache and expense of an improperly installed geothermal cooling system, don’t settle for anyone but Capital Heating & Cooling! Named the top HVAC company in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Racine Counties by The Prime Buyer’s Report for three years in a row, we have the Milwaukee cooling expertise you can rely on. Get more information and a free cost estimate by completing our brief online form now, or by simply giving us a call!

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