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Milwaukee Ductless Cooling System Installation

Are you looking to add air conditioning to a home that lacks house-wide ductwork? Would you like to bring more concentrated cooling power to an especially hard-to-cool room? Instead of installing expensive new ductwork or replacing a traditional HVAC unit, blow cool air right where you need it by opting for a Milwaukee ductless cooling system installation from Capital Heating & Cooling.

What Is a Ductless Cooling System?

Like the name implies, a ductless cooling system (also called a mini-split system) operates without the need for traditional, built-in air ducts. These compact machines are mounted directly on the wall, bringing in cool air through a separate compressor installed outside of your home.

For households throughout Milwaukee, ductless cooling systems provide several benefits over traditional HVAC units, including:

  • Cost Savings: Because they’re smaller and individually operated, ductless cooling units draw less power and reduce unnecessary cooling expenses. Many ductless systems also qualify for state and federal rebates, reducing the cost even further!
  • Energy Efficiency: Ductless systems prevent the loss in efficiency that inevitably comes from traditional forced-air units, where cooled air is pushed through lengthy ducts around your home.
  • Targeted Comfort: These discreet units work effectively anywhere, from a bedroom to a sunroom, or even in the garage.

Why Count on Our Ductless Cooling System Installers?

As with any type of HVAC system, the performance of your ductless cooling system relies heavily on the knowledge and skill of its installers—and on both counts, Capital Heating & Cooling has no equal! A leading Milwaukee HVAC company since 2007, we’ve worked hard to earn our reputation for outstanding service and expertise. Whether you need a single ductless unit or a whole-home cooling system, we always provide:

  • No-obligation consultations and upfront cost estimates
  • NATE-certified and licensed ductless cooling system installers
  • Multiple product/labor warranties, plus a lifetime craftsmanship guarantee
  • 24/7 emergency ductless repair services

Schedule a Free Consultation and Estimate for Your Milwaukee Cooling System

Not sure whether a ductless mini-split system is the right choice for your home? Then schedule your free, no-pressure consultation with Capital Heating & Cooling today! One of our talented Milwaukee cooling professionals would be happy to learn about you and your home, and recommend a system that will meet your every need. Get started by calling or completing our brief online contact form!

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