Our Company Culture.

What's it Like Working at Capital Heating & Cooling?

A strong company culture is the key to our success. 

Capital Heating & Cooling is a Milwaukee top workplace

Our Core Values

These 13 core values not only describe the culture at Capital Heating & Cooling, they also influence our decisions, how we treat customers, and how we treat each other.  


I will have compassion for the people I work with and speak with. I will not get frustrated with my teammates and customers, but will instead take the time to suspend my judgment and coach them to a better result.


I will demonstrate a positive attitude through my words and actions, and spread that positivity to others.


I take pride in  myself, my surroundings, my accomplishments, and a job well done.


I will inspire others to reach their full potential by achieving their personal and professional goals.  I will allow myself to be inspired by others as well.


I will be thoughtful of my teammates and respect the time and sacrifices we all make to deliver 100% satisfaction to our customers.

above the line

I will live above the line of decision.  I take ownership, accountability, and responsibility for my decisions.  I refuse to blame others, give excuses, or live in denial about my own decisions.


I will  show my loyalty by delivering upon my word.  I will be honest, dependable, and consistent.


I will maintain a healthy balance between my work and personal life.


I will be forward thinking in my approach to work through problem solving, troubleshooting, continuous improvement, and always looking for opportunities to raise the bar.


I will always do what’s right even when no one’s watching, whether I win or lose.  I will make those around me better.


I will make everyday enjoyable through laughter, camaraderie, and finding something to smile about.


I will welcome the opportunity to hear other’s thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.  I promise to work with them to come up with a collaborative solution.


I promise to be steadfast in my commitment to our mission.  Our mission is to be an industry leader that does what’s right for the customer by delivering superior customer service and high quality comfort solutions that keep them safe and comfortable.

Company Culture

Behind the Scenes at Capital Heating & Cooling

Wondering about what happens behind the scenes? What employees really think about working at Capital? Watch our company culture video to listen to what real employees, and owner Jason Fox has to say when the filters are off.  If this sounds like the kind of place you belong, apply online today!