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Milwaukee Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Whether you manage a large office space or operate a retail boutique, you probably allocate a significant amount of time and money to keeping the space clean. But there’s far more to a “clean” space than what you can see from the ground! In fact, some of the dirtiest spots in any commercial property are typically found far from view—deep within the building’s air ducts.

Although the impacts of debris in your air ducts may not be immediately apparent, this grimy build-up circulates through the air of your building every time the HVAC system runs. Fortunately, however, even the toughest and most polluted air ducts are no match for the Milwaukee commercial air duct cleaning pros of Capital Heating & Cooling!

Commercial Air Duct Maintenance: A Valuable Business Investment

Regardless of your industry or property size, regular commercial air duct maintenance is the key to maintaining fresh and healthy indoor air. With the support of our Milwaukee commercial air duct cleaners, you’ll enjoy several benefits that include:

  • Fresher Air: We’ll eliminate hair, dander, bacteria, dust, and allergens from your air ducts to make sure your indoor air is free from foul odors and harmful contaminants.
  • Lower Energy Bills: Without built-up grime in the way, your HVAC system will operate at full capacity and save you money on wasted energy.
  • Less Maintenance: Through regular inspections and cleaning, you’ll be able to reduce the frequency of your commercial air duct maintenance.

At Capital Heating & Cooling, we’ve built our business on achieving 100% customer satisfaction, something we ensure by never cutting corners or taking the easy way out. To guarantee a comprehensive, top-to-bottom clean-out, our commercial air duct cleaners will:

  • Open all access ports and doors
  • Check for asbestos-containing materials
  • Utilize powerful truck-mounted vacuums for superior suction
  • Employ HEPA vacuuming equipment as necessary
  • Brush metal and fiberglass duct surfaces with soft-bristled brushes
  • Seal and re-insulate any access holes

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