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The Greatest Membership in Milwaukee

  • Front of the Line Priority Service
  • Furnace and Air Conditioner Tune-Ups every year
  • Up to 20% Repairs
  • And a LOT more…

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Capital Cares Club Saves You Money AND Time

We’re homeowners too. So, we get that you don’t want to throw money away on gutless warranties and sleight-of-hand maintenance plans. We asked ourselves, what kind of club would WE want to join? And how can we save YOU money, time, frustration and needless discomfort in your home?

Our answer, is the Capital Cares Club:

Prioritizes YOU when you call, by moving you to the front of the line for red carpet service.

Saves you money on energy bills by ensuring your furnace and air conditioner are always running at peak efficiency.

Extends the LIFE of your system through comprehensive annual care and maintenance.

Prevents life-disrupting breakdowns and costly system replacements.


Why do we call it the greatest membership club in Milwaukee?

Because after all that, Jason said, “More, we need more…”, so we kept going and came up with this:

Full Benefits of the Capital Cares Club

  • Two Tune-Ups every year (Furnace and Air Conditioner)
  • Front of the Line Priority Service
  • FREE Indoor Air Quality Test with Every Visit
  • 20% off Repairs
  • 10% off NADCA-Certified Duct Cleaning

(Geez, this thing has more than paid for itself already…)

  • Instant $400 in Capital Cash towards qualified equipment
  • Discount on Standard Fees (After Hours, Trip fees, etc.)
  • 12 months of 0% Financing
  • Automatic entry into our monthly drawing for a FREE air quality product
  • And Our Capital Cares Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee!

Join the Capital Cares Club

And save TIME and MONEY while staying comfortable all year long!

Call or text us at 414-316-3467.

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