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How to Not Get Sick? Stay Home-bound & Healthy!

With the coronavirus pandemic, Milwaukee area folks are spending a lot of time inside their home, limiting high priority purchases to buy necessities like food, medications and hygiene products. But what happens when we return to our place of refuge and the air we’re inhaling around the clock is contaminated with viruses, bacteria and allergens?

Health professionals, biologists and even the CDC will tell you to wash your hands, keep to yourself if you’re sick and sanitize your environment with virus fighting chemicals. This is true (and very good advice) but there’s more you can do to kill airborne viruses and bacteria inside your home. Pure Indoor Air is an exclusive line of equipment specifically designed to kill viruses and relieve you of common problems caused by indoor air pollution.

In fact, thanks to science and technology, we offer solutions that can kill up to 99% of viruses inside your home!

Can UV Light Kill Viruses?

ECO-sun by Pure Indoor Air kills germs & viruses

Ultimately yes. Here’s how microbiologist Alex Berezow describes it: “UV light is lethal to bacteria and viruses because of its high frequency that scrambles and damages their nuclear material. When it damages the DNA (or RNA) code of these pathogens, it also triggers lethal mutations that prevent them from reproducing properly.”

That’s all fine and dandy, but how does UV light help you avoid getting sick ?  Well, thanks to technological advancements, equipment such as the Eco-Sun 2000 and the Trifecta Air Purifier by Pure Indoor Air are now available.  Both use a certain spectrum of ultraviolet light (far UVC)  to kill airborne viruses, bacteria and to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as influenza. An added benefit is that it takes less than a day to install and can easily be added to most heating and cooling systems.

Can UV Light Kill Corona Virus?

The million-dollar question we all want answered: can UV lights destroy Covid-19?  Experts say it’s too soon to know if UV light could kill this particular virus but that it is effective against other viruses like the flu.

What Else Kills Viruses?

Trap more viruses with the Air Ionizer by Pure Indoor Air

The Air Ionizer by Pure Indoor Air helps any air filter trap more contaminants like viruses.

When most people think about their furnace filter, they don’t think about it killing viruses. Which is true – a furnace filter won’t kill a virus. In fact, a standard furnace filter won’t even stop it. Even high performance filters can’t trap 100% of contaminants. That’s where the Air Ionizer comes in.

The Air Ionizer uses ionic bonds to cluster the tiny particulates which prevent them from passing through the air filter and into your home.

Pure Indoor Air Installers Take Extra Precautions

In addition to our routine hygiene protocols, booties, protective floor coverings and door mats, we’re taking additional precautionary measures to ensure sanitation and remind customers that we are their “Partner in Comfort & Health!” Such measures include:

Added Precautions COVID

Call (414) 296-6336 or submit the online form to schedule UV light installation today. 

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