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How to Choose an HVAC Company?

Signs of a Qualified HVAC Company

I wish I knew then what I know now. Whether you’re researching AC replacement options or frantically searching “HVAC contractor near me” because your air conditioner just went kaput, at some point you’ll need to find a local heating and cooling company. When that time comes, you must make certain they have all their credentials in order. Just because someone has a website and a van, doesn’t make them qualified to provide professional services. To do HVAC in Wisconsin you must be licensed. Like any license, you have to keep your skills sharp to keep your license up to date. Wisconsin’s HVAC licensing requires that technicians keep up with 1,000 hours per year for four years of work experience.

In addition to the basic state HVAC license, Capital Heating & Cooling has a contractor dwelling license which means we’re licensed to handle much larger jobs than most HVAC contractors in the Milwaukee area. This is important if your job requires electrical, plumbing or other types of modifications, repairs or installations, or permits pulled for multifamily homes or larger facilities will be needed.

Your heating and air conditioning system is comprised of several complicated components that all must work together seamlessly in order for the system to be efficient. It’s important to choose an HVAC company that has qualified professionals on your job.

Capital Heating & Cooling employs NATE Certified technicians because they are proven to be more productive than non-certified technicians and have the proven knowledge to repair your HVAC system right the first time – which means no wasting your valuable time and money.

In addition to employing NATE certified technicians, we believe it’s part of their job to help identify ways to lower your heating & cooling bills and are cross-trained to help you identify if it’s time to consider furnace replacement services or a new air conditioner instead of repair. Without something in writing, how do you know a company will deliver on its promises when it’s time to deliver, or things go wrong? Without something in writing, you really don’t. Yes, it can be intimidating to get things in writing, especially when the onus is on you to ask for it, but it really is for your own protection.

Capital Heating & Cooling’s guarantees are posted on our website as well as printed during a business transaction.  stands behind our work with multiple guarantees.

How to Choose an HVAC Company

Proof of Insurance

Working with an HVAC company that is sufficiently insured ensures you’re not at risk for mistakes and injuries that happen at your home or business.  Always ask for proof; if they’re not insured, you’re on the line for related bills ie. Medical, etc.

It’s also important to consider how much insurance the company carries because the minimal amount may do you no good if you need to use it! Capital Heating & Cooling carries over $5 million in insurance so our employees and clients are never at risk for accidents or injuries.


A reputable heating and cooling company will be affiliated with organizations such as NADCA, NARI, ACCA, and Better Business Burea. They likely may also have awards from affiliates like Angie’s List or Home Advisor.

These reputable organizations do the heavy lifting for you of verifying that the HVAC contractor is legit and uses industry-accepted practices.

A good reputation

Nowadays it seems like you can’t even flush the toilet without being asked for a review, and “Google them” is said more than “Thank you.” Love it or hate it, the reality is those reviews help homeowners make buying decisions.

With a little detective work, you can learn a lot about a company!  Check their social media profiles, reviews from other customers, dig around to see how they respond to a dissatisfied customer or a mistake they made (even the best company’s make mistakes from time to time.)

Capital Heating & Cooling has over 800 customer reviews and employs a full-time Customer Advocate who ensures customers are 100% satisfied with their services.

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