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Do You Need Heater Repairs or Replacement?


It may come as a surprise to learn that it’s not officially winter. You’ve probably been running your heater for months and it definitely feels like winter is here. By now, you should have a strong indication of how well your system is performing. If it’s giving you the impression that it might not last for the entire heating season, how can you know if you’ll need a repair or a replacement?

Unfortunately, heaters don’t last forever. We believe in being honest with our customers, so if your heater needs to be replaced or it’ll get by with repairs, you can count on us for an honest opinion. That being said, some homeowners would like to be better informed so the idea of heater replacement in Franklin, WI won’t sneak up on them.

If you’re wondering if your heater might need to be replaced soon, here are some questions to consider. Have your utility bills increased but your heater isn’t sufficiently heating your home? How old is your heater? Let’s look at these indicators in more detail.

How Many Repairs Has Your Heater Had?

How many repairs has your heater needed in the last 2 years? If it’s needed repairs 1-2 times a year, that’s too many. Also, consider the cost of the repairs you’ve needed. If the total is more than half the price of a new system, then repairing the heater doesn’t make sense when that money would be better spent on a new HVAC system.

How Old Is Your Heater?

A heater that’s past its estimated service life will inevitably need to be replaced soon. The standard lifespan for gas heaters is 15-20 years and for electric heaters, it’s 20-30 years. If your heater is within these ranges, know the warning signs of a heater that is on its last legs. Also, be aware that the heater could start to decline rapidly.

Have Your Utility Bills Increased?

If you’re not keeping track of your utility bills, now’s a great time to start doing so. Check your utility bills for the last two heating seasons to see if your energy use has increased. If your bills have increased with no correlation in usage, it means the heater isn’t working efficiently. A heater will lose energy efficiency during the last two years of its service life.

Is Your Heater Adequately Heating Your Home?

Signs of poor performance are frustrating and difficult to live with. They include uneven heating of your home’s rooms, or your heater simply not bringing your home to an acceptable level of comfort. If you’ve had your heater checked out and it’s still performing poorly, it’s probably due for a replacement.

We realize that no one looks forward to the conversation about heater replacement and we understand why. Although replacement can be a stressful process, the good news is that our team is here to answer any questions you may have. 

Whatever service you need to keep your HVAC system in optimal condition, contact Capital Heating, Cooling & Electric. We’ve proudly served homes throughout Wisconsin since 2007.

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