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Have You Gotten Your AC Tuned Up Yet?

Would you ever run a race without any training beforehand? We’d hope the answer is no. You need to train to prepare for a big ordeal like that. Your AC unit needs that kind of preparation too. But rather than running laps, your AC’s “training regimen” consists of expert AC maintenance in Milwaukee. This service helps your system prepare for what is better thought of as a massive marathon: the summer cooling season!

If you haven’t scheduled your air conditioning maintenance yet, then let us explain why you will want to get this job done soon.

What Happens When You Schedule Maintenance

Maintenance is an important service that is often underestimated. While this may not seem as intensive as repairs, it really goes a long way in helping you get more from your air conditioner. When you schedule maintenance with our team you can expect your technician to accomplish a variety of tasks including:

  • Checking and addressing loose parts
  • Changing out a dirty air filter
  • Cleaning all system coils
  • Checking the refrigerant level and pressure
  • Checking thermostat calibration

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

The tasks listed above are just some of the things an expert technician will take care of during your yearly system tune-up. That multi-point list is going to end up benefiting your system in multiple ways.

There is better energy efficiency

A well-maintained air conditioner will operate more efficiently than one that is allowed to wear down. Each year without maintenance, your AC stands to lose up an average of 5% of its overall efficiency level. Maintenance helps your system keep up to 95% of its original efficiency level over the course of its lifespan.

Your AC will operate more effectively

An air conditioner with tightened parts, a clean filter, and other advantages is one that will be better able to cool down your home. When your system is functioning more efficiently, you won’t need to run it as long as you would otherwise, but you’ll still get great comfort.

The system will need fewer repairs

When your air conditioner gets maintenance each year, it is less likely to need repairs. This is because getting this service will help to prevent small issues, like loose parts, from escalating into a bigger repair need, like a damaged refrigerant coil. This saves you money and time.

Annual maintenance ensures a longer system lifespan

Another great perk of this service is that you can enjoy an air conditioner that lasts longer too. This is because maintenance helps reduce the overall impact of wear and tear on your AC system. This helps your system last for years longer than it would otherwise, up to 5 years more.

Schedule Your Tune-Up Today

Getting a tune-up for your air conditioner is highly important to keep it working effectively and efficiently for as long as possible. Our team is here to provide you with the reliable services you need.

Schedule your appointment for maintenance with Capital Heating & Cooling and enjoy 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

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