Meet the Best HVAC Team in Milwaukee

From answering your calls, to installing your furnace, and cleaning your air ducts, meet the talented folks who make it happen.

Capital Heating & Cooling is a Milwaukee top workplace

Meet the Best HVAC Service Technicians in Milwaukee!

Milwaukee HVAC service Technician Darren
Darren, HVAC Service & Indoor Air Quality Manager
Meet Mohammed, HVAC Technician at Capital Heating & Cooling in Menomonee Falls, WI
Mohammed, HVAC Service Technician
Tyler Simon
Tyler, Indoor Air Quality Technician
Tom, Master Electrician
Tom, Master Electrician

Meet the Best HVAC Installers in Milwaukee!

Demetrius Elam
Demetrous, HVAC Installation Technician
Carlos Coronado (1)
Carlos, HVAC Installation Technician
Dashawn Corder
Dashawn, HVAC Installation Technician
John Worthington
John, Commercial Estimator

Meet the Best HVAC Sales & Marketing Team in Milwaukee!

Tom Williams Comfort Technician, Capital Heating & Cooling
Tom, Comfort Technician
Comfort Technician
Nick, Comfort Technician
Jason Alkhaldi-2
Jason, Comfort Technician
Inside Sales Representative
James, Insides Sales Representative
Sarah, Inside Sales Representative

Meet Our Management Team & Office Staff.

Jason HVAC Owner
Marketing Director
Laura, Executive Marketing Consultant
Seth HVAC Service Manager
Seth, Chief Operations Officer
Milwaukee HVAC Lisa H
Lisa, Accounting Manager
HVAC Installation Manager at Capital Heating & Cooling
Doug, Installation Manager
Deb Bell
Debbie, Marketing Manager
Milwaukee HVAC Leigh
Leigh, Administrative Assistant
Jannelle Klosinski
Jannelle K, Commercial Coordinator
Jerome Service Dispatcher
Jerome, Service Dispatcher