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Author: laura | October 4, 2016

Oil to Gas Furnace Conversion Cost

Milwaukee HVAC Installation Experts Perform Affordable Oil to Gas Furnace Conversion

The cost of an oil to gas furnace conversion depends on a variety of factors and includes:

1. Removal and green disposal of your existing oil furnace system.  Cost will be higher to remove an underground oil tank than an above ground oil tank.

2. Gas furnace installation.

Things to consider for the type of gas furnace equipment you choose:

3. Gas furnace hook up. Which may include digging a trench from the main gas line to your house and piping from the meter to the gas furnace
4. Install a chimney liner to protect against moisture in gas furnace exhaust.

With so many variables the best thing to do is have a qualified HVAC professional come to your home to discuss your preferences. That way you can take advantage of special offers, rebates as well as cost benefits of streamlining your gas furnace installation with other HVAC products you may desire.

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Contact the local New Berlin HVAC Company to schedule a free oil to gas conversion consultation.


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