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Author: laura | December 11, 2018

Nest Holiday Gift Guide

The digital age is now, and with it, the age of the smart home. The Nest and all its marvelous accessories offer consumers unprecedented levels of convenience and home security with a few taps on your smartphone or with a simple verbal command. Below we’ve highlighted six of the best accessories for the Nest that make fantastic gifts for the holidays.


nest thermostat installation offered by Capital Heating & CoolingIf you had to guess, what would you say costs the most when it comes to your energy bills?

If you guessed your heating and cooling, then congratulations; that’s exactly right. These bills typically comprise over half of a home’s overall energy cost. Did you know the Nest thermostat can actually help bring these costs down? Convenient and easy to use, the energy saving option on the Nest thermostat can reduce heating bills by 10% to 12%, and cooling bills by up to 15%.


“I spy with my little eye…something…white.”Feel safe with Nest indoor and outdoor cameras

“Is it snow?”

“Good guess, Dad! Your turn.”

“I spy with my little eye…someone running off with my Amazon package on the front porch! Hey you! Get back here!”

The holidays are here, and with them, the notorious package pirates, pilferers of pleasant and profitable parcels. You could just hover anxiously at your front door awaiting each and every delivery, sure, or you could be geared up to tackle a thief so your kids know their presents are safe. But there’s a third option:  you could just save yourself time and possible physical distress with a security camera operable through the Nest. Your kids might be less impressed with the simplicity of capturing on camera the covetous culprit, but holding the heroics helps health and holidays.

But the Nest cameras are useful more times than just around the holidays. Keep an eye on the children from a different room or floor of the house – or even while you’re on vacation. Keep an eye on your pool while you’re not at home, or drop in on the party your teenager promised you would not be taking place while you were gone. Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make; having the ability to have your eyes on it at all times would be immensely beneficial to any homeowner.

Brag to your friends that you gave someone the gift of sight this holiday season; check out the Nest Camera today!


nest video doorbell“Knock-knock!”

“Who’s there?”

“I don’t know. Let me check the Nest.”

“That’s not a good joke, Mom.”

Your kids thinking you’re funny and cool is probably already a lost cause, but for some reason, you’re still pretty fond of them anyway. As such, you’d really like to monitor who shows up at your house or in your driveway to keep your kids safe and able to roll their eyes at your jokes for years to come.

The Nest Doorbell is the only video doorbell on the market that offers a full-body, head-to-toe camera feed and also allows you to see packages left on the ground outside your home or on your porch. Access the video feed from within your home or remotely on your smartphone.

One of the most popular Nest products ever, the Nest Doorbell is designed to replace your existing wired doorbell and offers an incredibly convenient way to add an extra layer of security to your home. With its easy installation and features such as 24/7 streaming, motion detection, face recognition and more, it’s plain to see why the Nest Doorbell units are flying off the shelf. Give us a call today to pick up this perfect present now before the holidays.

This product is also offered as part of many of our Nest Packages, which costs less than buying the individual devices, and offers the convenience of buying bundled devices compatible with one another. For the person who has everything, or the hard-to-buy-for friend or relative in your life, one of these bundles may very well be the winning ticket this holiday season.

Alarm Systems

Nest Alarm SystemAlarm systems: the home security feature that always sounds great yet often ends up being a hassle to use. After all, there’s the complicated passwords, faulty wired wall panels, the fines that come after a certain number of false alarms called in per years – not to mention the heart-pounding anxiety of setting the alarm and trying to escape your own home before the countdown is up.

The Nest Security System relieves you of all these downsides while remaining faithful to the original mission of the alarm system, which is to keep intruders out of your home. The Nest Security System is designed around the way people live, rather than around projected actions of potential intruders. Arming and disarming the system is incredibly easy and involves just a tap on the console or a voice command to Google Assistant. Program the system not to be triggered by pets, and get notifications on your phone when the alarm goes off so you can address the problem right away.

What are you waiting for? Click here to learn more about the myriad of benefits just waiting for you and your family with the Nest Security System.


Nest door lockForget the old spare-key-under-the-flower-pot routine. With a digital Nest Lock, your home can be safer than ever with this keyless, tamper-proof deadbolt.

Nest has partnered with Yale Home to create the Nest x Yale Lock, which replaces your existing deadbolt and allows entry through a passcode. This passcode can be programmed in advance to expire at a certain point if you so wish, so you need not worry about anyone having access whom you may not wish to. These locks are ideal not only for the homeowner, but for rental property owners as well, as a new passcode can be set for renters and then expire when their stay is up. Check out this great new addition to your front door today!

Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Nest Carbon Monoxide Detector and Smoke AlarmEveryone has smoke alarms, and in recent times, carbon monoxide alarms, too. But these alarms typically come with that annoying beep, with the uncertainty of knowing how long the batteries last, exactly, and loud sound checks that disturb the peace of your home. The Nest Protect is a solution to all these irritations, with a soft-glowing green light to indicate battery status, and software that allows the batteries to actually check themselves! The Nest Protect checks its batteries and sensors over four hundred times per day – and you’ll never hear a single annoying chirp to confirm it. All you have to do is glance at the light to know your batteries are good and the sensors are ready.

What’s more, if you’re the type to turn popcorn night into pyrotechnics night, a polite human voice will warn you that your smoke alarm is about to be triggered, giving you time to interfere so you can continue lying to your spouse about why the popcorn isn’t ready yet in peace. Multiple alarms placed all over the house communicate with one another, so if you’re in another room and the microwave is starting to look less Orville Redenbacher and more Dante’s Inferno, you’ll know about it long before you get back to the kitchen. Keep the fires in the fireplace and the grill where they belong; check out the Nest Protect today and see how it can help you.


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