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Author: laura | July 2, 2019

Big Time Recall on Dehumidifiers. Is Yours Safe?

With billions of products that are manufactured for endless hours every day, mistakes are destined to happen.  Factory workers get tired, equipment fails, product designers make errors; it really doesn’t matter what the reason is, what matters is getting the defective product off the market.  Hence Gree’s major recall on dehumidifiers.

6.7 Million Name Brand Dehumidifiers Recalled

When most think of the name Frigidaire, GE, or Kenmore – we think of our beautiful range, stainless steel refrigerator, or our cherry red washer and dryer (not my personal taste, but hey, different strokes for different folks!)  What we don’t think about are products that start themselves on fire, causing millions of dollars in property damage, even fatalities.  Well, here’s an eye-opening fact: 6.7 million dehumidifiers made by Gree Electric Appliances of China were imported by, and sold under, roughly 60 names including our beloved Frigidaire, GE, Kenmore, and more.

To narrow it down further, these brand name dehumidifiers were sold between Jan 2005 to Aug 2013 at major retailers such as HH Gregg, Kmart, Lowe’s, Menards, Mills Fleet Farm, Sam’s Club, Sears, Walmart and other stores nationwide and in Canada, and online at Amazon.com between $110 and $400.

Why Are the Dehumidifiers Being Recalled?

Damage caused by a fire caused by a recalled dehumidifier. | Consumer Product Safety Commission
Fire damage caused by a recalled dehumidifier.

These defective dehumidifiers are overheating, and catching fire.  In fact, they’ve been linked to almost 500 fires that caused a total of more than $25 million in damage, according to the federal consumer agency.  “People need to know these things are really dangerous,” says Richard Schuster, a Wisconsin lawyer who has handled numerous insurance cases involving fires with recalled dehumidifiers, including several in Illinois.

It’s not known how many units are still in people’s homes. In general, consumer response to recalls averages about 6 percent.  So, mathematically that would mean there’s likely over 400,000 of these defective dehumidifiers still in people’s homes.

Help for Milwaukee Area Homeowners

With the warm and humid Wisconsin weather, the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission is urging homeowners to check the make and model of their dehumidifier(s) against several announced recalls for dehumidifiers.

1. Is Your Dehumidifier on the Recall List?

To check your dehumidifier, there’s a few different places to search such as CPSC.gov, Midea, or to go directly to Gree’s recall site for a complete list of makes and models being recalled.  Gree does a nice job as giving step-by-step directions as well as a hotline to help you determine if your dehumidifier is affected by this recall.

2. How to Get a Refund:

If you’ve determined your defective dehumidifier is being recalled, you’re entitled to a refund.  But first, immediately turn it off and unplug it – then contact Gree to request a refund.

The problems once solved by a dehumidifier are suddenly much more apparent now that you’re without it.   But, don’t sweat it (no pun intended), the team at Capital Heating & Cooling specializes in indoor air quality solutions including whole home dehumidifier installation.

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