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Author: laura | November 2, 2018

We’re Thankful For…HVAC Products that Make Life Easier

It’s that time of year again, when the tinsel hits the fan; there’s the traveling, cleaning, house guests, shopping, cooking, in-laws, your own parents. And don’t forget the one relative who wants to know why you’re not married, or if you are, why you haven’t had a kid yet, or if you have, why you haven’t had at least five more.

The stress of relaxing leaves us all begging for a break.

At Capital Heating & Cooling , we completely understand, and would love to help you ease some of the anxiety that comes with the holidays whether hosting or traveling. Our staff has curated the top products which other customers have praised as helping them out in one way or another. Each one has been deemed exceptionally useful around the holidays. Check out these four products below!

Google Mini

google home miniWhether you host regularly or you prefer a role as support staff when it comes to holidays, no doubt you’ve been in or observed the situation of being called away from the table constantly, of never really being able to sit down and enjoy yourself.

Educate your home to do some of the work for you with smart home devices such as the Google Mini.

If you haven’t heard, the Google Mini is your personal home assistant with all of Google’s massive brainpower right there in your home awaiting your orders. With simple commands such as “ok Google, turn the heat up”, or “ok Google, unlock the side door”, you can save yourself endless up-and-down, back-and-forth tedium just by shouting at the technology around you.

While you’re at it, check out our next stress-saver, the Mini-compatible Nest video doorbell, useful whether you’re experiencing the domestic tranquility of holidays at home, or you’ve stepped out your front door for an adventure in holiday traveling.

Nest Video Doorbell

nest video doorbellSo you’re doing the traveling this year, and perhaps some anxiety over leaving your home for days or weeks. You can hire a house-sitter, sure, but for that added peace of mind you can also install a Nest video doorbell, which will give you the ability to remotely see your front door from anywhere. Speak to friends who ring your bell and let them know you’re out of town, or speak to strangers who may not notice your cool video doorbell, using a deep, authoritative voice that may cause them to think the voice of God is addressing them from the heavens. Whether your main priority is home security or just the potential for viral video content, a Nest video doorbell is a fantastic and easily-installed addition to any home during the holidays or otherwise.

Indoor/Outdoor Camera:  

nest indoor outdoor camera

Perhaps you want to protect your guests from annoying neighbors, or your neighborhood has been victim to Raiders of the Lost Amazon Packages lately…or you suspect a certain sticky-fingered relative may strike again this year. An indoor/outdoor camera serves not only as a deterrent for potential package pirates or guests wanting a five-finger discount who realize they’re on camera, but also as evidence of misbehavior captured on the spot.

Each year, USPS, FedEx, UPS, and other mail carriers issue warnings to residents regarding opportunistic thieves who may swipe unattended packages off front porches or grab mail that looks like it may contain a check. Your options for pursuing justice and the retrieval of your property are typically limited; with an indoor/outdoor camera system from HVAC, eliminate these concerns and enjoy your holidays in full mental freedom knowing this is one less area with the potential to go amiss.

Furnace Maintenance

furnace maintenance toolsFurnace  maintenance is an affordable, proactive step that will keep your furnace in tip-top shape. If you’re on the fence about a few small charges, consider that over the holidays and after hours, repair rates soar, particularly for emergency furnace repairs. Those little things that would have cost $75 now cost $1,500 because you’re paying someone last-minute during one of the busiest times of the year.

But you don’t need to carry that anxiety of what might happen with you through the holidays. You don’t need to have a mini-meltdown when your furnace goes out with a house full of guests, and baby, it’s cold outside.

Luck does indeed favor the prepared. Get your furnace checked, tuned up, and inspected for potential problems before they become an issue at the worst possible time. Enlisting the services of a qualified HVAC technician from Capital Heating & Cooling  could save you a four-figure sum and an ear-ringing headache. These checkups even make great gifts! We have a furnace tune-up plan available for only $189.

Whether your furnace is in need of a checkup or your house needs to be brought into the modern age, Capital Heating & Cooling has you covered for the holidays and beyond. We don’t just want to keep you warm, we want to make your life easier. Contact us today to see how we can help.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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