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Author: laura | July 22, 2019

Fall HVAC Maintenance

Ahhh Fall, the time of year when we break out the pumpkin spice e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g (you know who you are), make holiday plans, think about costumes (a garbage bag still does not look like a California Raisin), and sooner or later turning the heat on (look, you can’t wear 8 layers forever).  And, since your heat bill is typically responsible for 42% of your utility bill, it’s important to add furnace maintenance services to your fall honey-do-list.

With some Fall HVAC tips for homeowners, and the thorough furnace maintenance checklist our technicians use, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your furnace will fire up when you need it and costs less to run.


Fall HVAC Maintenance By Certified Technicians

Every fall the HVAC guy or gal comes to clean, adjust and inspect your heating system.  But, ever wonder what’s included in a fall HVAC maintenance visit?  While our technicians provide a copy of the completed furnace maintenance checklist and its findings, below is a high level of some of the most important things done during a maintenance visit.  Many of things require special instruments and tools that only certified HVAC technicians are trained to use.

1. Inspect thermostat calibration. Improperly calibrated thermostats affect operating costs.

2. Clean evaporator coil. A dirty coil can lead to compressor failure & lowers the overall efficiency.

3. Lubricate motors & bearings. Friction of rotating equipment can cause overheating and eventually total equipment failure.

4. Change air filter. Clogged filters block airflow and can cause the motor to overheat and fail.  While this doesn’t necessarily require a technician, replacing a standard 1-inch pleated filter is included with a maintenance visit (save on of your filters for next time!)

5. Check blower wheel, motor stability & amperage draw. A dirty blower wheel reduces airflow and can lead to complete compressor failure.  A dirty wheel or motor also lowers the overall efficiency of your furnace. Lower efficiency means more money.

6. Check capacitor, relays & contactors, & all safety devices. A warn capacitor or contactor can lead to motor or compressor failure.

7. Examine electrical connections. Loose connections can be a safety hazard and cause premature equipment failure.


Fall HVAC Tips For Homeowners

While the guy or gal in charge of the honey-do list is likely very talented, it’s important to remember these Fall HVAC tips aren’t intended to replace the maintenance done by a certified HVAC technician, but rather to give homeowners some things they can do safely to keep their furnace running efficiently.


1. Change the furnace filter. Depending on what kind of filter you have this can be changed as often as every 30 days.

2. Keep vents and registers open. People frequently try to save money each winter by closing off the heating vents that warm unused rooms. Although the concept sounds logical, research conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy shows that closing some of the vents in your home actually reduces the efficiency of both heating and cooling systems. The research further shows that closing more than 60 percent of a system’s vents is unsafe and likely to damage your system.

3. Check for leaks in duct work. Take a look around at your air ducts. Do you notice any holes, leaks, or loose joints? If so, contact a ductwork repair company right away for repairs or ductwork replacement services. These leaks can easily be sealed or ductwork replaced to avoid your hot air from escaping.

4. Put your AC to bed. Shutting down your central air conditioning system properly and making sure the outdoor condenser unit is protected from the outdoor elements with an AC mesh cover is imperative to preserving your air conditioning equipment for next year. This is included with our worry-free AC maintenance plans.


If these DIY tips don’t ring your bell, don’t sweat it (again, sarcasm intended) our HVAC professionals can take care of the whole enchilada for you – which leaves you more time to hunt down the perfect gluten free, dairy free, nut free, sugar free, low sodium, kosher pumpkin pie!

Contact Capital Heating & Cooling to schedule your Fall HVAC maintenance. Or call today at (414) 384.4822.


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