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Author: laura | February 26, 2019

Do I Need Duct Cleaning Service After a Remodel?

Going through a remodel is an exciting time that leaves you with a brand new look. Ahhhh, that beautiful new kitchen or that relaxing master bathroom…it’s all a dream come true! Once you’ve got your post-install care products ready to go and you have nothing but the bill left to pay, you’re left wondering, “What else is there to worry about?” Well, we have your answer!


It’s Not Over Until The Fat Lady Sings

Duct cleaning by Capital Heating & Cooling in Menomonee Falls, WI

After a major remodeling project, especially if it involves asbestos abatement, lead paint removal and  significant dust from the construction aftermath, the part you cannot see (the areas that can cause real damage) need some love and care too. As the construction dust begins to settle, it lingers on your floors and furniture and makes itself a nice sticky home inside your air ducts. Where the real trouble begins is when it makes its way to the furnace filter.



Filters Have To Be Cleaned Too?

In a short amount of time, debris and remnants from a remodel can quickly clog your air filters, which then leads to those particles polluting the air around you. Additionally, a blocked air flow to the furnace can cause the motor to overheat and a burnt out motor is costly and commonly results in furnace replacement services. Do you really want to be breathing in the aftermath of your remodel or replacing your furnace all because the filter was clogged? We didn’t think so!


Should I Clean or Should I Wait?

It’s recommended that, after any major renovation or remodeling project, you wait for the dust to settle before scheduling air duct or furnace cleaning services. Air duct cleaning and furnace maintenance are the best and most cost-effective ways to remove construction dust, dirt and debris from your home’s HVAC systems. When you’re ready and your remodel isn’t brand spanking new, be sure to call the experts at Capital Heating & Cooling for your post-renovation services!


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