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Author: laura | October 4, 2016

Most Common Commercial Heating Problems

Milwaukee Heating Service Technicians Explain the Most Common Failures of Commercial Furnaces and the Reasons Behind Them

Our furnace repair Milwaukee HVAC technicians know a lot can go wrong on commercial furnaces. From the burners to the blowers and everything in between, our Milwaukee heating service technicians explain the most common commercial furnace problems and the reasons behind them. Whether you’re hearing strange commercial furnace noises or you just think something’s not quite right, read below to see if you may be experiencing a common commercial heating system problem.

  • Commercial furnace won’t turn on: If you’re experiencing power failure in a commercial furnace there may be one thing or several things wrong, including, but not necessarily limited to:
    • Loose wiring or connections
    • Tripped breakers
    • Blown transformer
    • Faulty control board
    • Blower motor failure
  • Weird noises coming from commercial furnace: Loud or strange noises from commercial furnaces are never good and usually indicate a larger problem like an impending failure.
  • Commercial furnace burner won’t light: Commercial furnace burners which don’t ignite may be due to a faulty control board, clogged furnace flue or improper combination fan-limit control.
  • Commercial furnace burner won’t stay lit: If a furnace burner doesn’t stay lit it’s usually the result of neglect in commercial furnace maintenance and cleaning. Oftentimes, flame sensor cleaning or condensate drain cleaning may resolve the problem, although sometimes there can be a furnace gas supply issue which must be addressed.
  • Commercial furnace blower won’t turn on: If a commercial furnace blower doesn’t turn on there may be an issue with the blower motor or the run capacitor.
  • Commercial furnace blower won’t turn off: If your blower motor won’t turn off or seems to run longer and more frequently than normal you may have a furnace air filter issue. When commercial furnace filters become clogged air flow is restricted. If commercial furnace air filters are not changed regularly this clog could eventually damage the switch limit.

The Furnace Repair Milwaukee Commercial and Industrial Communities Trust for Fast and Efficient Commercial Heating Service

The Milwaukee furnace repair technicians at Capital Heating & Cooling serve commercial and industrial customers throughout Southeast Wisconsin. Aside from standard furnace repairs, maintenance and installation we also provide 24 hour emergency commercial furnace repair in Milwaukee County, Waukesha County, Racine County, Ozaukee County and Washington County. Whether you need commercial boiler service in Waukesha or emergency 24 hour commercial heating system repair in Milwaukee, Capital Heating & Cooling has you covered.

Contact our Milwaukee commercial heating repair experts today to schedule commercial furnace maintenance, repair or installation.


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