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Author: laura | October 4, 2016

Importance of Changing Your Air Filter

As a homeowner, it’s important to make sure you provide the proper care and attention for everything in your home, including the air filters in your heating and cooling systems. Below, we’ve listed the benefits of maintaining clean, air filters, which can help extend the life of your HVAC systems, lower your utility bills and improve the air quality of your home.

1. Avoid Clogs: Having your air filters changed out regularly ensures that clogs won’t happen, at least not as frequently, and you won’t have to face costly repairs or replacements down the road.

2. Reduce Your Bills: Who wants to pay more money than they have to? No one! Maintaining the cleanliness of the air filters in your HVAC systems reduces the energy that’s required to cool and heat your home, which also makes your home more eco-friendly. Look at you with your green footprint!

3. Improve Your Indoor Air Quality: Less dust means cleaner surfaces and cleaner surfaces increase the quality of your indoor air. It’s as easy as putting two and two together!


Should I Just Get A New Filtration System?

If your efforts to keep your air filters clean fall short and you’ve just had enough, then it might be time to explore the possibility of getting a new air filtration system. Here are our top 5 systems to consider!

1. HEPA Filter: HEPA filters have intense filtration power and are the most successful at trapping very small airborne particles including things like mold and bacteria. HEPA filters are not MERV rated because their filter capabilities exceed testing protocols used to determine the highest MERV rating. In other words, a HEPA filter is off the MERV chart. Most HEPA filters have some level of activated carbon based material to absorb odors and chemicals not caught by the HEPA filter.

2. UV Light: If you already have a good media filter or air filtration system, UV lights work great as an ancillary HVAC solution to kill bacteria and allergens such as mold.

3. Media Filter: Media filter is a furnace filter that’s thicker than a standard 1” filter. The MERV rating determines the types of contaminants it can remove from the air.

4. On Demand Air Purifier: Air purifiers are installed as part of your existing heating and air conditioning system and work only when your HVAC system is running. Similar to a media filter, the air in your home runs through a quality filter to deliver clean air throughout your home or business. The main difference is an on demand air purifier works when you want it to, not just when your furnace or AC is on – which can be important because after vacuuming, when visitors are over, or during allergy season you may need more air filtration.

5. UV Light with Air Purifier: UV light technology kills airborne contaminants like mold and bacteria. We recommend a solution such as the Field Controls Healthy Home Duo which has an air purifier to remove the zapped contaminants instead of allowing them to recirculate through the air.


What’s Next?

When you’re ready, our expert technicians are prepared to answer your questions or help install your desired air filtration system. Just remember that anything trapped in your air filters is slowly breaking down and making its way through the filters and into your air. Help yourself by having us help you with your air filtration system!


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