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Author: laura | May 30, 2018

7 Clever Ways to Hide Your Ugly AC

You spend a lot of time making your home look nice inside and out. You plant trees, install flower beds, and even build retaining walls and patios to make your landscaping look beautiful. And there it sits…your big, square, green (but not the green that blends into the background) air conditioner condenser unit. You have to have it. There’s no getting around that. But do you have to look at it? The answer is a resounding NO!

You’re not the first homeowner to struggle with an ugly AC unit spoiling your beautiful landscape. The team at Capital Heating and Cooling has gathered these examples of clever ways other homeowners have camouflaged their outdoor units to keep their space looking Better Homes & Gardens perfect.

Safety Tips for Camouflaging Your Condenser Unit

NOTE: One quick note. We are all for beautifying your lawn and landscape, but there are a few safety/maintenance rules you need to follow. Always allow two feet of clearance around your air conditioner. It needs to be able to take in fresh air to work efficiently. Plus, we need to have room to service it in the case that it needs repairs/maintenance. With that in mind, let’s take a look at these examples we gathered from Pinterest. Hopefully, they’ll provide a little “Pinsperation”.


The Green Thumb Solution

Plants Hide AC UnitChoosing the right plants is sometimes all it takes to hide your unit. Vertical evergreens, tall grasses like pampas grass, elephant ear (pictured), or even bamboo will all grow high enough to create a visual wall to camouflage your unit. Check with a local nursery to make sure whatever you choose is hardy enough for the Milwaukee area.









Combo Fence and Flora

Fence and FloraTall tropicals are great for concealing air conditioners. A simple open lattice fence creates a great hiding place and is easy to install. Tall ferns help complete the transformation. You just turned your eyesore into a tropical paradise!









Naturalize with Climbing Vines

Climbing VinesVines are another great way to add some beauty to your latticework. They grow well on open fence work and help the fence blend into the surrounding greenery. Climbing roses, clematis, and mandevilla are all great vines to try.






Country Chic – We’d “Pick It”

Picket Fence Hide ACA simple picket fence adds charm to this backyard. Birdhouses and hanging baskets keep they eye too busy to focus on what’s behind the fence. Instead of a hulking AC,  you’ve got a charming corner.









Rustic Charm

Rustic FencingIf white latticework fencing is not your cup of tea, this type of natural fencing may be more your style. The natural wood look gives it a rustic, farmhouse flavor.









A Fancier Facade

Hide Air Conditioner With FacadeIf you’re looking for fencing that’s a bit more upscale and decorative, or want low maintenance, these Acurio Latticeworks decorative panels are made from lightweight PVC sheets (and available at Home Depot). They provide the illusion of scrolled iron without all the rusting and painting






Hide and Store in This Decorative Obelisk

Hide AC with ObeliskAnd finally, if you’re the DIY type and you like to build things, this solution may be right up your alley. The air conditioner is hidden below this painted wood obelisk. One panel is hinged, and folds down, to give access for maintenance and repairs. But this structure does double duty. Long handled gardening tools like rakes, hoes and shovels can be stored in the top of the obelisk








Air Conditioner CoverIf you’re looking for a way to camouflage your unit in the winter, try an air conditioner cover. Not only is it nicer to look at, it keeps dirt, rain, and critters out of your unit too. If you are a Worry-Free Maintenance Club member, you will receive an air conditioner cover with your membership.

We hope you’ve been inspired to make your landscaping look great! If you need help with your air conditioning unit this summer, inside or out, give us a call at (414) 384-4822 or contact us online.


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