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For over a decade, Capital Heating & Cooling has provided Brookfield residents with superior HVAC services. From commercial furnace maintenance to residential AC installation and repairs, our team has the knowledge and experience required to keep your HVAC systems in top working condition. We offer industry leading guarantees, including our “no questions” money back policy and Red Carpet Respect guarantee. Call or contact Capital Heating & Cooling with questions or to schedule HVAC service in Brookfield.


Heating Services +



24 hour heating repairs, installations, and heating system maintenance services in Brookfield.  Our team of seasoned local HVAC technicians are highly trained and experienced to work on all types of heating systems including furnaces, boilers, geothermal, ductless heating, heat pumps and water heaters. Capital Heating & Cooling works around the clock to offer our clients superior heating services.  So whether you need water heater repair, emergency furnace installation, and Saturday boiler repair – or anything in between, contact our Brookfield HVAC company for immediate assistance.


Furnace Installations, Repairs & Maintenance in Milwaukee by Capital Heating & CoolingCapital Heating & Cooling works on all types of forced air furnace equipment including gas furnace equipment, oil furnaces and high efficiency furnaces. The make and model of your furnace makes no difference to us as we’re an authorized service provider for all of the  best furnace brands such as Trane furnace, Amana furnace, Coleman furnace, York furnace equipment, and more! Whether you’re looking for furnace repair in New Berlin, new furnace installation, or a furnace maintenance agreement – you’re in great hands with our Brookfield furnace company!

Furnace Installation & Replacement
Furnace Repairs
Furnace Maintenance


Whether your oil furnace has run it’s Milwaukee Oil Furnace Services by Capital Heating & Coolingcourse, you’re looking to convert to a gas furnace, or you’re on the hunt for an oil furnace repair company, our Brookfield oil furnace company can help.  Our expert team of furnace technicians are highly trained in all types of oil furnace equipment and can give you expert advice on your oil furnace equipment.  Contact our Brookfield heat company for oil furnace services 24 hours a day.

Oil to Gas Conversion


BOILER Repair, Installations & Maintenance

A boiler heat system uses hot water transported via radiators to heat your building instead of ductwork. While boiler services like maintenance and repairs can be more expensive compared to traditional systems, the equipment usually lasts for a very long time and is known to endure extremeWaukesha Boiler Services by Capital Heating & Coolingtemperatures.  Boilers can also be dangerous and should be installed and serviced by qualified HVAC professionals. The high temperatures and pressure that boilers operate at can result in injury if not properly installed and maintained. Our Brookfield boiler technicians specialize in boiler repairs, installations, and maintenance for all types of boilers including high pressure, low pressure, steam, and hot water boilers.  Whether you’re hydronic heating system uses a baseboard heater, radiator, is a gas boiler – or anything in between, you can count on Capital Heating & Cooling for professional boiler repair, boiler installation and boiler maintenance in Brookfield.

Boiler Installation & Replacement
Boiler Repairs 
Boiler Maintenance

Contact our Brookfield boiler company to schedule boiler cleaning, installation, and emergency boiler repairs. 


Milwaukee Geothermal HVAC Services

Ideal for energy conscious homeowners or businesses, geothermal energy taps into the earth’s natural temperature to help heat or cool your building. There are different types of Geothermal HVAC systems available depending on how much land or water sources you have. Due to the complexity of geothermal energy it’s crucial to partner with an HVAC contractor who specializes in geothermal heat pumps.  The HVAC technicians at Capital Heating & Cooling have over a decade of experience installing, repairing, and providing annual HVAC maintenance for geothermal heating systems.  Whether you’re considering geothermal installation to heat your Brookfield home or business, need geothermal heat repair, or looking for an experience HVAC Company to perform the annual maintenance on your Brookfield geothermal heat system – you can count on Capital Heating & Cooling.

Geothermal Installation & Replacement
Geothermal Repairs 
Geothermal Maintenance

Contact the Geothermal HVAC Contractor SE Wisconsin depends on for expert geothermal installations &  repairs. 


Milwaukee Heat Pump Repairs & Installations by Capital Heating & CoolingFor climates with moderate heating needs, heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces.  Heat pumps use electricity to move heat from a cool space to a warm space, making the cool space cooler and the warm space warmer. Capital Heating & Cooling specializes in heat pump installation, repairs, and maintenance; we even offer same day heat pump installations and 24 hour heat pump repairs in Brookfield.  So, whether you’re considering heat pump installation, need emergency heat pump repair in Brookfield, or are looking for heat pump maintenance service – our local HVAC technicians are here to help!

Heat Pump Installation & Replacement
Heat Pump Repair & Maintenance


Milwaukee Water Heater Repair, Installs & Maintenance services by Capital Heating & CoolingWhen you find yourself without hot water, you need our Brookfield water heater services pronto.With our same day water heater installations and 24 hour water heater repairs in New Berlin, your family will never be left in the cold.  Our professional team of HVAC technicians work around the clock to ensure we live up to our promise of providing 24 hour emergency HVAC Brookfield homeowners can depend on.

Water Heater Installation & Replacement
Water Heater Repairs & Maintenance

Day or night, contact our Brookfield water heater  company for all your home water heater needs. 


Mini Split Air Conditioner Services in Milwaukee by Capital Heating & CoolingA mini split heating system is the perfect solution for rooms with no duct work.  Plus ductless minisplit HVAC systems can be up to 40% more efficient than traditional heating and cooling options and can be easily mounted on a wall, floor, or overhead recessed. Our Brookfield heating technicians specializes in all types of home heat systems, so repairing or installing a mini split system to your existing HVAC system is routine for us – no need to call multiple HVAC companies in Brookfield because our technicians can handle it all in one visit.  As a Mitsubishi mini split Diamond Dealer, you can bet our clients get the best mini split installations and service in Brookfield!

Ductless Heating Repairs, Installation & Maintenance


New Berlin HVAC maintenance agreements by Capital Heating & CoolingNo matter what type of heating system your home has, an our Brookfield HVAC Maintenance Agreements will give you benefits far beyond your annual maintenance visit.   If you’ve been contemplating an annual HVAC maintenance agreement for your heating system, now’s the time to check it out. Contact our Brookfield HVAC company for more information on HVAC maintenance agreements for your heating system.

Heating Maintenance Agreements


Cooling Services +



Capital Heating & Cooling in Brookfield is open 24 hours for emergency air conditioning repairs and AC installations. Our HVAC technicians specialize in residential air conditioning systems and are highly trained to troubleshoot and conquer even the most difficult air conditioning systems.  Which means regardless of the name brand of your AC equipment, we guarantee the most professional installation and home air conditioning repairs in Brookfield.


Air Conditioning Services in Milwaukee by Capital Heating & CoolingMidwest summers mean your air conditioner works hard to keep you cool, and when it fails, our 24 hour Brookfield AC services are just a call away!  The make and model of your AC system makes no difference to us because Capital Heating & Cooling is an authorized factory dealer for major brands including Amana air conditioners, Goodman AC, Bryant Air Conditioners, and more. Contact our Brookfield AC technicians for fast HVAC service.

Air Conditioner Installation & Replacement
Air Conditioner Repairs
Air Conditioner Maintenance



Mini Split Air Conditioner Services in Milwaukee by Capital Heating & CoolingMini split ac systems are perfect for rooms with no duct work. Plus ductless minisplit HVAC systems can be up to 40% more efficient than traditional heating and cooling options and can be easily mounted on a wall, floor, or overhead recessed. Whether you’re looking for a new mini split installation,  or have your existing system serviced, our Brookfield air conditioning company is a Mitsubishi AC Diamond Dealer, so you can expect the very best from us!

Ductless AC Installation & Replacement
Ductless AC Repairs
Ductless AC Maintenance


Ideal for energy conscious homeowners or businesses, geothermal energy taps into the earth’s natural temperature to help heat or cool your building. There are different types of Geothermal HVAC systems available depending on how much land or water sources you have. Due to the complexity and rising popularity of geothermal energy it’s imperative to choose a Brookfield air conditioning company with experience in geothermal cooling. For over a decade, Capital Heating & Cooling has expertly installed, repaired, and maintained commercial and residential geothermal cooling systems.

Geothermal Cooling Installation & Replacement
Geothermal Cooling Repairs
Geothermal Cooling Maintenance


Air Conditioning Maintenance agreementNo matter what type of air conditioning system your home has, our HVAC Maintenance Agreements will give you benefits far beyond your annual furnace or air conditioning cleanings.   If you’ve been contemplating an annual HVAC maintenance agreement for your home cooling system, now’s the time to check it out.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreements


Air Duct Cleaning Brookfield +



Indoor air quality problems can be damaging to you home and health. Capital Heating & Cooling provides a variety of solutions to remove allergens and pollutants from the air inside your home or business.  Fewer allergens and contaminants means less down time for employees and family. Contact our Brookfield air duct cleaners to schedule an indoor air audit to see what’s lurking in your air and which solutions are recommended for you.


Duct cleaning is a proven effective way to quickly remove allergens, debris, and odor causing contaminants from your home or business’s air duct system.  Our NADCA certified New Berlin duct cleaners use commercial grade duct cleaning equipment to ensure the most thorough cleaning for your air ducts. For more information or to schedule air duct cleaning, contact our Brookfield duct cleaners.

Air Duct Cleaning & Sanitization


Air Filtration Systems


At Capital Heating & Cooling, our Indoor Air Quality Technicians check system airflow on every service call, to ensure the right amount of air flow and pressure is present to efficiently heat or cool your building. Air balancing is the missing link in getting residential and commercial HVAC systems to perform at or near their peak levels. Similarly to furnace or air conditioning systems, routine maintenance, balancing and cleaning of air duct systems is crucial to keeping your employees and guests healthy and comfortable. We’ve been offering Brookfield air duct balancing services to both homes and businesses as well, improving indoor air quality in your living/working environment for over a decade.

Contact the  Brookfield HVAC professionals at Capital Heating & Cooling to be up to date on all your indoor air quality needs.

Commercial HVAC Services +


24 HVAC Contractor Brookfield

When your business needs help, we’re the Brookfield heating and cooling contractor businesses depend on for fast, professional, 24 hour HVAC services.  So, whether you’re looking for Brookfield commercial air duct cleaning, rooftop HVAC installation, commercial heat repair, an HVAC maintenance agreement – or anything in between, we’ve got you covered day and night!  Click the down arrow or contact our Brookfield HVAC Contractors to learn more about commercial HVAC services by Capital Heating & Cooling

Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Brookfield


Choosing the right commercial HVAC contractor means you’ll get the response time, professionalism, and workmanship your business deserves. Capital Heating & Cooling specializes in commercial air conditioning systems of all kinds including well-known names like Rheem, Carrier, Trane and more

Commercial AC Repair
Commercial AC Installation & Replacement
Commercial AC Maintenance


Capital Heating & Cooling specializes in commercial rooftop HVAC services including packaged rooftop units, split systems, and more. Our team of experience HVAC technicians have decades of experience working on all types of commercial HVAC equipment including well known brands like Trane, Carrier, and more.

Commercial Rooftop Installation & Replacement
Commercial Rooftop Repairs


When your ice maker goes out it can be detrimental to business. Whether you’re in the bar business or medical field, your ice maker quickly becomes a top priority when it fails you. Our 24 hour commercial ice maker services ensure you’ll never be left in a lurch with a broken ice maker!


Brookfield Heating Services for Businesses


Due to the high temperature and pressure levels, boiler heat systems can be extremely dangerous if not properly installed and serviced. Capital Heating & Cooling  specializes in commercial heating systems including standard and high efficient boiler installations, repairs and maintenance.  Our team works around the clock to ensure your commercial boiler operates safely and cost effectively

Commercial Boiler Installation & Replacement
Commercial Boiler Repairs
Commercial Boiler Maintenance

Contact our  Brookfield boiler technicians for help with your commercial boiler.


Our  Brookfield furnace technicians specializes in commercial heating systems including high efficient furnaces, gas furnaces, oil furnaces, and oil to gas conversions.  The make and model of your business’s furnace makes no difference to us because our Brookfield furnace company is a factory authorized dealer for well known names including Carrier furnaces, Goodman furnace equipment, Rheem, and more.

Commercial Furnace Installation & Replacement
Commercial Furnace Repairs
Commercial Furnace Maintenance

Contact our  Brookfield furnace company now for 24 hour commercial hvac service. 


Capital Heating & Cooling is the Brookfield HVAC contractor local businesses trust when it comes to geothermal heating. Whether you’re considering geothermal heat installation, need your existing geothermal heating system cleaned or repaired – our Brookfield HVAC company is just a call or click away.

Commercial Geothermal Heat Installation
Commercial Geothermal Heat Repair
Commercial Geothermal Heat Maintenance


Your heat pump is an important part of your commercial heating system.  When it comes to choosing a Brookfield HVAC contractor for heat pump repair or replacement, Capital Heating & Cooling is the Brookfield HVAC Company local businesses prefer.  Our team of professional HVAC technicians specialize in commercial heating systems and work around the clock to ensure your business stays warm.
Commercial Heat Pump Installation & Replacement

Commercial Heat Pump Repair & Maintenance

Contact our Brookfield Heat Pump technicians for service, installation or heat pump repair.


When the hot water heater goes out at your business, finding a Brookfield HVAC company quickly tops your list of priorities.  Capital Heating & Cooling specializes in all types of water heaters and can quickly repair or install a water heater at your business.

Water Heater Installation & Replacement
Water Heater Repairs & Maintenance

Contact our Brookfield water heater company now for service or installation of a water heater at your business.



When you need custom sheet metal fabricated, you want an HVAC contractor with technicians that are skilled in this area. Poorly constructed sheet metal can lead to big problems in the long run. Capital Heating & Cooling’s in house sheet metal fabrication services ensures you get top quality sheet metal customized for your business, without paying extra fees for a third party!

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Commercial HVAC Maintenance for Brookfield Businesses

Commercial heating and air conditioning systems can be complicated and require routine maintenance checks & cleaning by a professional HVAC technician.  Capital Heating & Cooling specializes in commercial HVAC systems and are highly trained to tune-up, clean and proactively identify parts that are close to failure.  Lack of maintenance on your heating and air conditioning system will lead to inefficient operations, inconvenient breakdowns, unnecessary repairs, and high energy bills at your businesses.

Commercial Heating Maintenance


HVAC Maintenance agreementWhen you find a good HVAC contractor you trust to consistently keep your commercial heating and cooling system running smoothly, it’s a good idea to consider an annual maintenance plan to get the most bang for your buck.  Capital Heating & Cooling offers multiple Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement options to choose from.  Depending on what type of equipment you have, maintenance frequency, etc. our commercial HVAC technicians can recommend a plan that fits your needs and budget.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreements

Contact the Brookfield commercial HVAC maintenance specialists now to schedule service or sign up for an annual maintenance plan. 

Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Brookfield Businesses

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

The ductwork inside your business has a bigger impact on comfort, energy bills, and cleanliness than you may realize.  Dirty air ducts, leaks, improperly balance air ducts can all lead to real headaches like sick employees, high energy bills, and more.  Let our indoor air quality specialists take a look and you’d be amazed at what’s really going on with your air ducts.

Our NADCA Certified Brookfield duct cleaning services means your business will get the very best when it comes to commercial air duct cleaning.  From professional technicians to commercial grade duct cleaning equipment, Capital Heating & Cooling is the Brookfield HVAC Contractor businesses depend on for quality commercial duct cleaning.

Air Duct Cleaning in Brookfield

Contact our Brookfield commercial duct cleaners to schedule air duct cleaning at your business today.

Air Duct Installation, Balancing & Air filtration Systems

If you’ve been thinking about solutions for cleaner air, lower energy bills, and more comfort at your business –  now’s the time to consider duct cleaning, having an air filtration system installed, or having your air ducts professionally balanced to ensure air flow is evenly distributed throughout your businesses!

 Contact Capital Heating & Cooling to schedule a free indoor air quality assessment at your Brookfield  business.

Why Choose Capital Heating & Cooling for Brookfield Heating and Air Conditioning Services?

Whether you own a home or business in Brookfield, Capital Heating & Cooling is the HVAC company Brookfield residents prefer for the highest quality workmanship and customer service standards. With our Brookfield HVAC company just minutes away from your home or business, our fully stocked warehouse, and 24 hour heating and air conditioning service – you can depend on Capital Heating & Cooling for fast and efficient HVAC services in Brookfield!

Contact our Brookfield HVAC office today for service.