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About Our Milwaukee Area HVAC & Air Quality Company

Founded in 2007, Capital Heating & Cooling a full service HVAC company that’s locally owned and operated in Menomonee Falls.  We specialize in residential and commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services including installations, repairs, general maintenance, and overall indoor air quality.  Our dedicated indoor air quality team provides full service indoor air cleaning solutions including machine operated indoor air quality audits, air duct cleaning, air purification system installations, and more.  

Our steady growth and dedication to our core values has made us an award winning HVAC company earning spots on Milwaukee’s Top 50 Fastest Growing businesses, Milwaukee Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Firms, and Best Places to Work Award Lists.

Our Core Values Make the Difference

Menomonee Falls HVAC Company Value Compassion
Menomonee Falls HVAC Company Value Attitude
Menomonee Falls HVAC Company Value Pride
Menomonee Falls HVAC Company Value Integrity
Menomonee Falls HVAC Company Value Thoughtfulness

Menomonee Falls HVAC Company Value Above the Line
Menomonee Falls HVAC Company Value Loyalty
Menomonee Falls HVAC Company Value Steadfast
Menomonee Falls HVAC Company Value Visionary
Menomonee Falls HVAC Company Value Inspiring

Menomonee Falls HVAC Company Value Enjoyable
Menomonee Falls HVAC Company Value Symmetry
Menomonee Falls HVAC Company Value Welcoming






Top HVAC Company in Milwaukee Spreads OAR Awards

HVAC Technicians That Show Ownership, Accountability, & Responsibility

At Capital Heating & Cooling we believe in recognizing a job well done.  Each month an employee from every department is recognized for demonstrating one of our core values.  These core values are the moral compass of the company and guide each and every employee to take ownership, accountability & responsibility for their decisions and actions.  It’s these types of people who can be trusted to positively influence others and do right in your home or business – and we’re proud to recognize them.  Take a minute to read their story and spread the word.

Capital Heating & Cooling Service Department Recognition:

Randy, HVAC Service Technician 

Randy is the most reliable and knowledgeable person on our team.  He is the go-to person whenever anyone has any questions.  Randy takes calls from other service techs who need help, at on nights & weekends!  And he does this because he cares and never asks for anything in return. Randy can be one of the most fun people to work with and he has a great giggle!”


Core Value:  Compassion

Recognized by: Randy was recognized by Lauren, Service Administrator who supports Randy in the office.  

Thanks Randy for showing Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility every day!  Your amazing attitude and awesome efforts are greatly appreciated by all!  Learn more about Randy.

Capital Heating & Cooling Sales Department Recognition:

Justin, HVAC Sales Manager

“He makes himself available to help me and always accepts new challenges calmly and with ease. He is quick to respond when I reach out and is always willing to help.””

Core Value:  Compassion

Recognized by: Justin was recognized by Erin, HVAC Installation Coordinator for demonstrating our core value:  Compassion 

Congratulations Justin!

Capital Heating & Cooling Installation Department Recognition:


Matt., Lead Installer

Core Value:  Enjoyable

Recognized by: Matt was recognized by Joe B., HVAC Installer for demonstrating our core value: Enjoyable. 

Thanks Matt for being a great leader in the Install Department and having such a great attitude.  Learn more about Matt


HVAC Technician Training Lab  – in Menomonee Falls!

Menomonee Fall’s Capital Heating & Cooling attracts HVAC technicians from around the country to ensure only the best works on your heating and air conditioning systems. Our diligent screening process means only certified HVAC technicians who pass drug screening, background check, and carry out our core values will arrive at your home or business.  The HVAC technicians at Capital Heating & Cooling are:

  • NATE Certified
  • Background checked
  • Drug-screened
  • Uniforms & Identification

Our in-house training lab provides an environment our HVAC technicians can continue sharpening their skills so they’re prepared to install, repair, and maintain any type of residential or commercial HVAC equipment. Our affordable heating and cooling systems are manufactured by industry icons like Bryant, Rheem, Honeywell, LG, American Standard, Kohler, Amana, GE, Carrier, etc. and our local HVAC technicians can handle them all. So, whether you need a complete commercial HVAC system installation in Milwaukee, furnace installation in Menomonee Falls – or anything in between, our heating and cooling company has you covered. 

Reputable Air Duct Cleaning & IAQ Services in Milwaukee & Beyond

Poor indoor air quality leads to an undesirable environment that can include foul odors, mold & mildew growth, asthma and allergy attacks, even wood floor and furniture damage. Our HVAC technicians and indoor air quality specialists use advanced technology to identify airborne contaminants that may be causing issues in your home or business.  We reference an automated report that lists recommended solutions to any indoor air contaminants you may have.  Common solutions include humidifiers, air duct cleaning, air purification systems, and more. 

Allergy relief from Menomonee Falls duct cleaning company
Air duct cleaning helps reduce dust in your home.
Commercial air duct cleaning keeps the air in your business clean.

Capital Heating & Cooling is one of the only NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) certified HVAC companies in the Milwaukee area.  We provide residential air duct cleaning and commercial air duct cleaning to homes and business throughout SE Wisconsin.  What sets us apart from other Milwaukee duct cleaning companies is our flat rate pricing and our commercial grade air duct cleaning equipment with maximum suction power.

Contact our Menomonee Falls HVAC office to schedule an indoor air quality audit for your home or business today.

An HVAC Contractor that Believes in Great Customer Service

Call us old fashioned, but we believe in doing what’s right for the customer and making every step as easy as possible.  Capital Heating & Cooling is so confident in our HVAC installations and repairs that we back all our work with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We believe going above and beyond what is needed or expected by our customers makes a difference; if you need home HVAC service in Milwaukee or elsewhere in Southeast Wisconsin, our local HVAC technicians treat you like our next door neighbor. If you need commercial HVAC service, we treat you like a truly valued business partner. It’s our commitment to establish trust and build long-lasting relationships with our customers. When you need local HVAC services, count on Capital Heating & Cooling to do the job right the first time.

Contact our Menomonee Falls HVAC experts today and discover the difference Capital Heating & Cooling can make in your home or business.