HVAC Maintenance Plans for Heating Systems in SE Wisconsin

Furnace & Boiler Maintenance Agreements Menomonee Falls Depends On

Preventative HVAC maintenance helps you avoid expensive repairs, high energy bills, and premature replacement of your home’s heating systems. That’s why it’s important to have it professionally serviced each year. But, when it comes to HVAC service in Waukesha, Milwaukee & surrounding areas, you have options. When you find a local HVAC company you trust, the most common and cost effective approach to keeping your heating system running smoothly is to take advantage of an annual HVAC maintenance agreement.

At Capital Heating & Cooling, we understand every home, family, and budget is different, that’s why we offer multiple Capital Rewards ™ Maintenance Agreements to choose from:


What are the Benefits of Boiler & Furnace Maintenance Plans?

When you choose Capital Heating & Cooling for you annual heating system maintenance services, you’re never stuck with just one option. Our annual maintenance agreements allow you to choose what’s most important to you. Take a look below for a more detailed explanation of the benefits of an HVAC maintenance agreement with Capital Heating & Cooling.


Priority Service

When you need emergency HVAC services like gas furnace repairs, or 24 hour boiler repair services, with an annual HVAC maintenance plan you’ll get bumped to the top of the schedule. Which means our local HVAC technicians will be dispatched to arrive at your home more quickly. So, no matter if you need Brookfield HVAC services, a Wauwatosa furnace repair, or a boiler replacement in New Berlin – you won’t wait in line for our Waukesha HVAC services.

Seasonal Maintenance for Your Heating System

Our certified HVAC technicians will inspect, clean and adjust your heating systems each year before peak season. The team at Capital Heating & Cooling is highly trained to clean and inspect all types of heating systems including geothermal heating, oil furnaces, gas furnaces, boilers, ductless mini splits, and more.  So, when you hire our Capital Heating & Cooling you can trust your equipment will start when you need it, and operate efficiently throughout the season.

In addition to lower energy bills and fewer interruptions, annual HVAC service is required by equipment manufacturer’s to keep your warranty active. Skipping even one yearly boiler or furnace tune-up could cause an HVAC claim to be denied. Capital Heating & Cooling offers convenient schedule reminders to ensure you don’t miss a beat!

Preferred Pricing

When your furnace, boiler or other heating systems acts up and needs professional repair, with a Capital Rewards™ Maintenance agreement, you’ll pay less. How much less depends on which HVAC maintenance agreement you choose.

Service Calls & Overtime Fees

In addition to paying less for repairs and replacement heating equipment, when you choose the Value Plus, Pro Tune, or Precision HVAC Maintenance Plan you’ll pay less for overtime fees and a lower trip charge.

Inflation Protection

As prices rise every year, the cost of HVAC maintenance agreements are no exception. However, with a Capital Rewards™ Maintenance agreement the cost of your annual HVAC plan is locked in for up to 3 years.

Furnace or Boiler Repair Rebates

We’ve all been faced with the difficult decision of whether to repair or replace a furnace. On one hand the cost of repairs could be minimal compared to installing a new heating system, but on the other hand you could use the cost of repairs towards installing a new furnace or boiler.  Well, with a Capital Heating & Cooling HVAC Maintenance Agreement you can have the best of both worlds! If you decided to move forward with boiler or furnace installation services, you can apply the money you’ve spent on furnace repairs or boiler repair services, towards your new heating system installed by our professional HVAC technicians. The rebate amount and expiration depends on which Capital Rewards ™ Maintenance Plan you’ve selected.

Loyalty Reward Credits

Capital Heating & Cooling rewards you for keeping your plan in good standing by paying you credits you can use towards select indoor air quality products.

HVAC Maintenance Agreements for Home Heating Systems

Capital Heating & Cooling offers the following maintenance plans for your heating equipment.  Interested in a plan that includes air conditioning maintenance?




Contact our Waukesha HVAC office to register or to learn about our complete HVAC maintenance plan options.
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