Ice Maker Cleaning

Commercial Ice Making Machine Cleaners

Ice Maker Cleaning ServicesCapital Heating & Cooling’s Milwaukee commercial HVAC technicians uniquely specialize in cleaning small to medium sized commercial ice machines. As frequent service providers of commercial ice makers, our technicians are extremely well-versed in the complex system and intricate components involved. Wherever you are in Southeast Wisconsin (Milwaukee County, Waukesha County, Racine County, or Kenosha County), our HVAC specialists will arrive on-site to perform a comprehensive cleaning of your commercial ice machine.

Clogged Ice Machines Cleaned by Industry Leading HVAC Technicians

With the frequency commercial ice makers are used and the demanding environments they endure, it is imperative routine ice machine cleaning is performed. Our Milwaukee commercial HVAC specialists know ice machines become clogged with mold, slime, lint and grease. These common refrigeration problems can be easily and effectively handled by one of our highly skilled technicians.

We provide thorough sanitation cleaning using nickel-safe scale remover and a specialized sanitizer. Our ability to perform intensive cleaning of all commercial ice machine components means your ice maker will operate at optimal levels. After all, a commercial ice machine which runs efficiently and produces maximum quantities of ice means you save serious time and money.

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